Give the Gift of Good Grooming

Because of the date, December, this is a holiday gift guide, but the these gifts would be appropriate all year long. Obviously. So let’s start with the boys on the list. Or anyone else who might like this stuff.

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Cologne lovin’ men: The new Dior fragrance, Dior Sauvage, is simply delicious. It’s not too strong, smells modern and classic at the same time, and has one of the nicest dry downs I’ve sniffed in ages. A sexy woodsy ambregris, lime and pepper combine and make perfume magic in Sauvage, the modern flanker for Eau Sauvage. Women will likely love this too, simply because it smells so good. Often the scents we are attracted to in others are ones we sort of want to wear ourselves. Borrow it or buy it for yourself. I’d love to say “Sauvage!” if someone asked me what I was wearing.

Casual guy who may not normally wear cologne but might want to try: Crown Shaving Co After Shave Tonic is perfect for the guy who doesn’t want to smell like he is wearing cologne but still smell good. This is a splash and smells like a sexy man. Not squeaky shower clean, but the smell of his t shirt that you don’t want to wash because it smells like his skin and hair and you want to bury your face in it. With tobacco, leather, bay rum and barber’s talc – guys I can’t tell you how amazing this smells. You must try. At $30 cad for a 100ml bottle you can’t not get it. Read more about the brand here.

People with hairy faces who also want great skincare: Vichy, one of my favourite skincare lines, has created two skincare genius products for men. Vichy Homme Idéalizer is a moisturizing, soothing anti-ageing treatment serum that comes in two formulas: one for the Frequent Shavers, and 3-Day-Plus Beard Wearer for men who go several days with visible beard growth. Each formula is customized to reduce irritation from shaving, or has ingredients for skin that do not to stick to the beard, as well as ingredients that groom the beard. I’ve heard rave reviews for both products. At just under $30 for 50ml, this is terrific luxury skin care for the man in your life.

People with sensitive scalps that need extra care, especially in cold weather, but who won’t use more than one product: Jack Black Double-Header Shampoo + Conditioner has coconut oil and kelp extract for scalp health, and is sulfate free. All of these things are good for those who suffer from dry scalp that may tend to dandruff. It also smells fresh and soft while leaving hair soft. Jack Black is a terrific line – if you haven’t tried Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm you simply must. It’s fantastic for dry chapped lips and has a non shiny finish.

Any other great finds I should know about?

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