Feel Beautiful While You, Ahem, Glow

That’s what women do, right? We “glow”…we don’t sweat. Yeah, right. ANYWAYS…It may seem a bit odd to do a beauty post about deodorants but I am going to anyways. As with everything in my beauty routine, the scent or perfume of my products is very important. When it comes to deodorants, I most often choose the unscented variety as to not have it interfere with the perfume I am wearing that day. I am the same way with body lotions, shampoos and conditioners etc. I am not opposed to wearing more than one perfume at the same time, as I am a big fan of layering my perfumes to make a custom scent to suit my mood. Its just that most deodorants (antiperspirants) smell awful. They are usually a plastic-y fruity mess or some artificial vanilla laden confection from hell. So unscented or classic scent Dove antiperspirant is the one I choose. One smells like nothing, and the other smells like Dove soap, and is also quite soft, which is fine with me. But there are some lovely scented products I adore!
This is actually a deodorant/antiperspirant. I’m sure many of you are familiar with this one. It is a huge seller and a major cult product among those in the know. It’s funny because Cashmere Mist is not one of my favourite perfumes and I find it a bit overly powdery and tenacious on me. It is a lovely scent and I have friends who wear it beautifully…just not for me. I adore Donna Karan Jasmine, but I digress. My friend and fellow beauty enabler Vicki turned me on to this stuff after her friend from LA turned her onto it! I was up for it! The amount of scent in this deodorant is absolutely perfect and it even takes on a slightly different feel than the perfume. It is simple and deep, and works well with many different scents like florals, richer woody scents etc. It keeps me dry as a bone without irritating my skin or staining my clothes. At around $25 it is more than I thought I would ever pay for a deodorant but it is a really dense quality product and it lasts at least twice as long as the Dove. I get mine at Sephora or Shoppers Drug Mart.
Ok I know. Blue Grass? My grandmother wore Blue Grass! Well that’s ok. I love perfumes of all vintages and eras so if you know me, Blue Grass is not really a stretch. It has changed since I first recall smelling it, but it is pretty inoffensive. It’s a fresh clean outdoorsy fragrance, with soft floral notes and your basic cologne ingredients like lavender, orange blossom with a little spice thrown in. Fragonard created this scent and in 1936 Elizabeth Arden had licenced it, and named it Blue Grass, honoring her horses and Kentucky stables. It became a massive success. My local EA rep told me this is a best seller in India, and it gets pretty hot there, so I imagine it is an effective product. Its kind of retro in that it is a cream. The bottle top is smooth and round and, as you turn the base to release the product, a little stream comes out of a little hole in the center. It rubs in to become invisible and dries almost instantly. I LOVE this product.  It smells soft and pretty, much softer, of course, than the perfume. It’s a squeaky clean floral scent that is perfect in hot weather that also layers well with just about any perfume. I first bought it to take to Florida and fell in love immediately. I feel pretty and clean in this, and it is mild and gentle on the skin. At around $12, you can’t go wrong. I got mine at Shoppers Drug Mart but I imagine it’s available wherever Blue Grass is.
This is an anti-perspirant as well, in the old roll on formulation. It is uber sheer and light and disappears almost instantly on the skin. It leaves almost no residue when it dries, and skin feels soft to the touch as well. It has the softest of rose scents upon application but it disappears pretty quickly. It has a luxurious feel to the product itself, even if it is a bit “wetter” than I am used to. Perhaps the fact that summer has been so hot and sticky, that after a nice long shower the Biotherm Deo Douceur actually feels cool and refreshing going on as opposed to cold and yucky? Maybe I won’t love it so much in the depth of January but right now I love it. The rose scent is uplifting, the product is gentle and it also effective. Keeps me dry and comfy with no dry skin. At around $25 it is again kind of pricey, but has a good quantity and a little goes a long way. I got mine at Shoppers Drug Mart, but I’m sure anywhere with a Biotherm counter has it.
One thing I love about these products is the luxe factor the offer. I found I like the feeling and idea of using a fancy deodorant sometimes. Why is that important? Because I believe that luxury in the little things we do for ourselves is a good thing. It feels like a treat, and elevates our daily routine, even if just for a minute.

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