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After much discussing of what bronzers do we love best on Twitter and Facebook this week, I decided to do another post on some more of my fave bronzers. Self tanners and bronzers fall into this category for me. I have already covered some facial self tanners here.

Bronzer Hall of Fame: Guerlain Terracotta 01. This stuff is legendary for a reason. It goes on smoothly without blotches, stays put and gives a healthy soft glow. It does have the teensiest bit of shimmer in it but this is not noticeable on the skin. It is there for a reason as a truly matte bronzer can be dangerous if not in the hands of a professional make up artist. It can look splotchy and, well, dirty, with a muddy tone. I can only see the shimmer in Terracotta with my reading glasses on, and only on my skin if I swipe it with my finger and rub it on. Applied with a soft fluffy brush evenly all over the face, it is perfection! Always in my make up bag. Always.
Bronzer With a Bit of Bling: Bobbi Brown Aruba Illuminating Bronzing Powder is a lovely choice as it is a very soft bronze colour, suitable for fair skin, but offering the most subtle bit of shimmer. It really does simply “illuminate” and is nice for evening. I usually save this for cooler weather when I am not shiny but to be honest it really is just not that shimmery. Nice when dusted on tops of cheeks and forehead, and on décolletage if you are heading out on the town. Every time I put this on I think “ I should use this more often”. Gorgeous.
Cheap’n’Cheerful Bronzer: Rimmel Natural Bronzer in 022 Sun Bronze. This one never fails to amaze me. I often wonder if it is only my love for Guerlain that keeps me from using this one exclusively. The Rimmel bronzer is about as close to shimmer free as I am comfortable with. I can only see traces of something with a bit of sparkle when I put on my reading glasses and go stand in direct sun and stare at the swatch on my skin. I have also used 021 and am not quite sure why I got 022…anyways they are very close. The colour is very sheer and buildable but not blotchy at all. My younger daughter Brigit, who only wears mascara and a bit of powder (age appropriate at 15) stole this from my make up drawer and its perfect for her. She is very fair with white blonde hair but has skin that tans and this is so subtle on her. It really just looks like a healthy glow. At under $10 this one is a must have. You will use it, trust me. Oh, and it has SPF 8….bonus.
Easy Peasy Self Tanner: They say Clarins Liquid Bronze is for the face but I use it on my décolletage and my legs. With it’s lovely and light milky consistency, it is easy as pie to apply, sort of goof proof if you blend well, and gives a perfect natural golden glow. This one gets much love on beauty blogs and forums all over the interwebs. For good reason- I love it! Smells nice too.
Amazing Instant Tanned Legs Self Tanner: Make Believe Airbrush Self Tanner is easy to use and gives incredible results. Caveat: this stuff is a bit hard to find. I bought it at Murale while on a marathon make up shopping trip with my friend Vicki (one of many…) and I’m not even sure if they carry it anymore. It is AMAZING. A spray tanner perfect for legs, it is an aerosol tanner that shows up immediately but also develops slowly into a tan. As long as one doesn’t forget to blend at feet/ankles/knees (do it quickly, as it is “flash dry”) this stuff is amazing. Perfect for the start of summer when the dresses and shorts come out, or going on holiday to get the perfect tan. It is subtle, so no Ooompa Loompas with this stuff. LOVE it. Not sure what I will do when my tin is done as I don’t think Murale carries it anymore….
Incredibly Natural Self Tanner:  Neostrata Natural Insta-Tan is sooo good. I forgot about til I found it at the back of my drawer:  The main things I love about this are it is oil free and actually more of a gel, and it shows up right away making for fool proof application. It is powerful and a little goes a long way so use with a light hand, starting with very little. Honestly this bottle is huge and will last forever. It is for use on body and face. No nasty smell at all. I am pretty sure it is the same type of formula as St Tropez as it has that odd greenish tinge to the formula that I noted in the St Tropez Mousse. It is ideal for acne prone or oily skin.
Well, hi there… 
Of course, the shades I recommend are the ones that work for me and my medium to fair skin tone. You will have to determine what shade works best for you. A skilled make up artist or Sales Associate should be able to help. I recommend looking at your face in natural light before buying. And before applying self tanners always EXFOLIATE, especially knees, elbows, wrists & feet. And apply moisturizer first. And wash your hands after applying, using a nail brush unless you want to look like a chain smoker… But there is a bronzer for everyone! What are your fave bronzers?
Let’s sing about how perfectly bronzed we are!
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