Flex those Bidding Fingers!

The second annual BeautyBloggers.org charity auction is off to an epic start — we actually exceeded the total amount raised in last year’s auction in the first day. Way to go, beauty lovers! 

Thanks so much for the mentions Bella Sugar, Lucky Mag, Seventeen, Yahoo and WHAS11!

Bidders, not to worry: plenty of items are still going for far less than retail. There are some great bargains to be had — and some sweet second chances to buy those hot items you regret missing out on. The cost of shipping is our donation to you, and best of all, every dime you spend goes to Doctors Without Borders.  So bid!  Tell your friends!  Tell strangers in the grocery store!  

A few ideas to tempt you:

• Beaute Cosmetics Lipgloss wardrobe, 12 of the best lipglosses you’ll ever own (http://www.beautybloggers.org/206/)

• Urban Decay mega-haul: shadows, liners, lipsticks, glosses. Keep it for yourself or split it with friends. (http://www.beautybloggers.org/152/)

• Chanel Poudre Precieuse Or, a truly heavenly loose highlighting powder (http://www.beautybloggers.org/174/)

• Evgeny Cosmetics brush set and custom Kissette brush bag, because everyone deserves a little luxury (http://www.beautybloggers.org/223/)

• the Neiman Marcus experience. You DO realize there’s a $500 Neiman Marcus gift card in there, right? (http://www.beautybloggers.org/216/)

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