In Which My Rose Water Obsession Continues…

So further to my post on rose water last week, my journey continues with some fancy schmancy rose waters. My research told me that there are basically two lovely high end rose waters worth trying if you want a) super luxe skincare and b) a soft gorgeous rose scent.
There is no question that both of these products perform beautifully as toners/refreshers/make up setting sprays. They are probably the softest scented of all the rose waters that have been in my study. Soft of scent and very soft and comforting on the skin. Interestingly I’ve been trying a glycolic toner out for the past week, and using a rose water spray post toning is amazingly soothing. Quite often the old “you get what you pay for” adage is not really true. In this case it may be, at least in a few cases. The only unknown is what are the exact ingredients, how do they compare, and the costliness of obtaining said ingredients, perhaps ionized or spring water vs something else…its hard to say really. We also know that there are definitely differences between the cheap roses offered for sale at your local grocery store (no smell!) and the more expensive roses from a reputable florist that can fill your home with fragrance. However, what counts in the end is how the products make us feel and how they perform.
Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist: At around $35 for a 100ml bottle it certainly is more costly than the others I tried. It has cult status though, and is well loved by many. It has a lovely soft rose scent with a gentle fresh green scent as well. It also contains glycerin, aloe and grapefruit seed which likely explains the fresh green-ness. The bottle is glass and has a lovely feel in your hand. The spray is gentle and mist like which makes it perfect for setting make up or for a little pick me up midday. The scent disappears within a minute or two of application. I love the Jurlique and find it really makes my skin feel soft and “glowy”. Funny how rose does that! Would I repurchase? The jury is still out on that one…it is very luxurious and I enjoy using it so…maybe…
Chantecaille Flower Waters Pure Rosewater: Well, Chantecaille isn’t messing around with this over $60 bottle of rose water. I was really expecting some liquid gold when it arrived (thanks to @PrimaDonaLounge for ordering in to my local Holt Renfrew!). One thing they use is “the purest organic extract of the entire Rose de Mai” so I’m thinking organic roses will definitely be more costly than otherwise. And, apparently this rose water will help balance me by helping restore my electromagnetic field. Who knew! This is a gorgeous and super luxurious product in heavy etched glass bottle, and I really enjoy the way it smells and feels and makes my skin feel. I notice that “rose glow” that I am pretty addicted to, and this one really does make skin feel hydtrated and plumped. It is also a soothing post glycolic toner treatment. The sprayer is a soaker, meaning I would not use this over my make up, I’d be drenched. So I soak my face in this post wash, let it soak in, and then moisturize. I have tried, unsuccessfully, to resist a head to toe spraying post shower. Wow. Amazing! I won’t do that often obviously, but what a treat. Will I repurchase this one? Again, the jury is still out. I’d like to get through the bottle and see how I feel then.
One thing I will say about both the Jurlique and the Chantecaille. Since they both come with spritzers, I’ve been spraying the backs of my hands regularly since getting them. And, a dear perfumista friend of mine, Joe, gave me this little gem of advice. He keeps rose water in his kitchen to wash his hands with after cooking. Seriously how awesome is that! So, after dinner, I have wandered to my ensuite bath and spritzed my hands, one with Chantecaille and one with Jurlique. Just one spritz on the back of my hands and maybe one on my finger tips. My hands seriously look 10 years younger than they did. I noticed this the other day and was thinking- hey, these are almost hand model material! My cuticles and fingers look less dry, and the backs of my hands look less, well, old. I have the occasional scratch from my cat and they heal markedly quicker with the rosewater.
So, high vs low- whats the scoop? The scoop is I don’t know yet. For scent, the winner is Thayers, without question. I carry a little atomizer of it in my purse and use it as perfume I love it so much. But as treatments these luxe babies are really spoiling me….

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  1. Canadian reader

    I use Caudalie Beauty Elixir but I go through it too quickly! Have your found any good ones that are more affordable?

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