Stick Your Nose Into A Bouquet of Jo Malone Red Roses

Funny – I realized the other day that I had never tried Jo Malone Red Roses. I always have so much fun at the Jo Malone counter, trying this with that, and trying new combos on my skin. I’d likely sniffed a Red Roses tester bottle at Neimans or Holts, but it has never been on my skin. Thought it was high time to rectify that. Especially given my recent penchant for rose here & here
Jo Malone is known for her soft and simple perfumes, and Red Roses is about as simple as it gets. It is just rose, and somehow it does manage to communicate a “red” rose. There are some supporting notes, a hint of lemon, mint and violet leaves. And by hint, I mean hardly. The lemon is the only note that stands out to me in the top, and its the one note I could do without. I don’t really understand why one would put lemon with rose- rose to me is rarely overly sweet and if anything, tends to a sour note all by itself if done wrong. Suffice it to say, I am happiest with Red Roses when the lemon dissipates. Which thankfully, doesn’t take long. Once the lemon is gone though, Red Roses is a lovely, elegant and simple rose. It smells like the kind of scent worn by someone who doesn’t have to try to hard to be sleek and stylish. Someone who throws on a man’s white shirt over her jeans with aplomb, wears little or no make up, and can pull her hair back without a hairbrush and look fabulous. Minimal but classic accoutrements – red nails, maybe a red lip too.
I like wearing Red Roses. It appeals to my recent need to wear simpler and lighter fragrances. It layers beautifully with any white floral scent as well. I love it with JM White Jasmine & Mint, and it is particularly beautiful with Keiko Mecheri’s Jasmine. The Jo Malone site recommends layering it with  Grapefruit or Nutmeg & Ginger. Hm. Maybe…I have samples of those so I must give those combos a try. I love the sweet touch of making the perfume itself pink- it just looks so pretty on your dresser. 
Imagining the scent of Red Roses wafting through my bedroom if I had the Red Roses Bath Oil…Not to mention the Jo Malone Red Roses candles. They smell divine, and I dearly want the David Hicks designed version! Elegant, understated and beautiful.

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