Foolproof Bronzing: Tans You Can Wash Off


It’s kind of like a throwback to the bronzing options of my youth, when I used tanning gels by Bonne Bel and Clinique to get a safe bronze look. Self tanners weren’t an option. A bronzing gel is easy to apply, and if you mess up, just wipe it off and start over. No waiting a few hours to see blotchy spots you may have missed. Bronzers are easy to apply and easy to control, and are perfect for when you want a temporary glow.

I’m not talking about bronzing powders, though. I’m talking about liquid and cream bronzers. I have two favourites right now, and I’m seriously loving how easy a golden goddess look is with them!


Body Shop Honey Bronze Drops of Sun_Givenchy Mister Radiant Bronzer Gel_Guerlain Terracotta L'Eau Halee_review
From left: Body Shop Honey Bronze Drops of Sun, Givenchy Mister Radiance Healthy Glow Gel, Guerlain Terracotta L’Eau Halée

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Drops of Sun (15ml, $22 CAD) is a lovely light bronzing liquid gel with their soft honey frangrance. It is quite concentrated and little goes a long way. If you have very fair skin, you might want to dilute this in some lotion or serum before applying to your face. It is easy to adjust the amount of colour you want. It resists streaking, and won’t come off until you wash your face. Add a few drops to your foundation or BB cream for a little extra glow. Great product and value.

Givenchy Mister Radiance Healthy Glow Gel (30ml, $48 CAD) is a little different. It’s a clear gel with microspheres containing coloured pigments and skin friendly ingredients. The brown and light-gold microspheres contain pigments and pearls that give a hint of glowing colour; the dark-gold microspheres contain an antioxidant-active vitamin E derivative. I LOVE this product! I’ve never used anything like it, and my skin loves the look and feel of this one. Very easy to apply, so much so I’d say this one is fool proof. It has a very soft monoi-type fragrance but is not strong or intense.

Guerlain Terracotta L’Eau Halée (28ml, $68 CAD) is the latest beauty to be added to the Terraccotta line up. It’s a “cooling water” with just a touch of Terracotta sunshine for bronzing perfection. This one blends like a dream – seriously one of the most beautiful and luxurious sun products I have ever used. Guerlain Terracotta products are pricey for a good reason. They are impeccable. Terracotta L’Eau Halée is exactly what it sounds like – a light “Eau” which instantly recreates a translucent, naturally sun-kissed complexion with a bare skin effect, which of course I love. The universal colour creates a sun-kissed glow that can be adjusted to suit everyone. Its hydrating formula envelops the skin in freshness. It does not rub off and will not stain clothing. This Terracotta “water” serum also smells like the Guerlain summer perfume of the same name, but very soft. It smells like what I imagine a beach in heaven would smell like – a divine tiare scent.

From top: Body Shop Drops of Honey, Givenchy Mister Radiant & Guerlain Terracotta L'Eau Halée
From top: Body Shop Drops of Honey, Givenchy Mister Radiant & Guerlain Terracotta L’Eau Halée



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