Getting Dewy And Staying That Way: Consonant HydrExtreme Serum

Consonant Hydrextreme serum

Wow. Just when I thought I could not find a better/gentler/more effective way to deliver deep moisturizing goodness to my skin, another miraculous product comes along and blows my mind. I received a sample of Consonant HydrExtreme Serum recently and, since my skin is basically crying every day about this brutal winter weather, tried it right away. Well, it’s beautiful and not surprising that HydrExtreme serum has been voted a Top 2012 Beauty Product by multiple publications.  You can read more about their company philosophy here.  Consonant HydrExtreme’s main ingredient is cassia angustifolia extract. Studies have demonstrated that is can effectively repair dryness, provide long lasting suppleness & moisture, exhibit film-forming capacities and retain water on the surface of both skin and hair. Sounds good, right? It is soothing and gentle, and you can feel your skin drinking it up as you apply it. It also lingers and provides lasting moisture. I apply it directly at night, before any of my retinol products, and I mix it with my moisturizer in the morning.

Cassia Augustifolia - also happens to make a yummy perfume...

From their site:

HydrExtreme is an extreme hydration booster that is clinically proven to deliver potent and persistent moisturization that significantly outperforms Hyaluronic Acid. Formulated with a proprietary blend of exotic Cassia Angustifolia Seed Extract and Glycerine, this product is unparalleled. You will see more smooth, youthful and hydrated skin instantly. Also helps to sooth eczema, post waxing irritation and other skin ailments. 

So anyone with sensitive skin that is dry needs to search this out. It will save your skin! Scent free, gentle ingredients and a formula that can be mixed with any of your existing products makes this a win! I love it and it has become a staple in my beauty routine. I think that in warmer weather this will be perfect to use on it’s own or under sunscreen. Need moisture? Get Consonant HydrExtreme.

You can buy Consonant HydrExtreme and other products on their website. A 10ml bottle is $72 and a 30ml bottle is $149.