“Give Me Your Dry, Your Damaged, Your Split Ends Yearning To Be Silky Hair” says Kerastase Thérapiste Résistance

Kerastase products are among my most favourite luxury hair lines. They are expensive, but worth it in that they do what they promise, and using them is always a luxe experience. Personally, Kérastase consistently leaves me thrilled with my hair. Some of the products contain silicones, which I normally try to avoid, but for some reason my hair likes Kerastase products, silicones or not. They recently added a line to their famous Résistance line, which I already adore. So when they launched their Résistance Thérapiste line for over-processed and damaged hair, I knew I had to try it.

My hair is thick and slightly coarse, highlighted and occasionally heat-styled. Deep conditioning is a must for me, and I love a good thick balm. The Kerastase Résistance Thérapiste  line works with a science that helps to physically “repair” the hair. From Kerastase:

Ideal for thick or thin hair, Bain Thérapiste benefits from a new technology to boost repair power. The unprecedented texture and the sensation of a semi-solid gel surround the fiber to repair the hair fiber and reduce friction during washing. With the very first application, a rich mousse penetrates, revives and envelops the fiber.

How does it do that?

Kérastase Résistance Thérapiste‘s breakthrough haircare range is enriched with FIBRA-KAP™ complex. This powerful infusion is designed to resurrect the internal structure of deteriorated and extremely damaged hair fibers. The rich formula of Thérapiste product line fuses onto hair to fill it with reparative complexes that restore each fiber. Reconstructed and revitalized, the fiber feels so soft to an almost virginally pure state.

Kérastase Résistance Bain Thérapiste

I LOVE the Bain Thérapiste ($42 CAD)! It feels soft, rich and amazing when I’m working it through my hair, and it rinses out like a dream. Even in hard water, my hair rinses out fairly tangle-free. I love the Kérastase fragrance so much. It has the classic hair salon fragrance that I remember from my first trips to the salon with my mum. It’s soft, fresh and slightly fruity, but soft and not cloying. I actually wish it lingered longer – I’d love my hair to smell like this all day!

Kérastase Résistance Masque Thérapiste

The Masque Thérapiste ($64 CAD) is where the magic happens though. Wow. First of all it is very thick, almost like a paste, and a small amount easily covered my hair (long bob). This product is made for thick hair and would be too heavy for fine hair. I left the Masque in for around 5 minutes and that was enough to make my hair into pure silk with zero frizz. My daughter Brigit, who has thick hair similar to mine, gets very dry ends. This shampoo made her hair silky soft too – it was a hair miracle.

Kerastase Thérapiste Résistance dalybeauty review

Time will tell if build-up will be an issue, but I do tend to rotate my products, as well as clarify my hair on the regular. I have issues with hard water and even styling products can build up, so a gentle clarifying shampoo twice a month is a good idea. If you have dry and damaged hair Kérastase Résistance Thérapiste is for you.

Kérastase Résistance Thérapiste dalybeauty hair review
My hair is so silky, even when Im blogging, I cant stop playing with it!

Kérastase Résistance Thérapiste is available at salons. Canadian shoppers find them here, and US shoppers find salons here. 


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