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Beauty subscription services are so hot right now! There are many companies that offer skincare, hair care, beauty and cosmetics,  in sample sizes or sometimes random full sized products. I’ve tried a few, but as a beauty junkie and blogger, I have so many samples and products around that I rarely go out of my way to look for things anymore. So imagine my happiness when I heard that I could get unusual, niche and artisanal perfumes curated just for me and sent to my home. Hallelujah! I’d have to say “perfume” combined with “home delivery” are among my favourite words.

Scenttrunk is a Canadian company that offers monthly delivery of perfumes you have probably never heard of, but will more than likely fall in love with.

“We founded Scent Trunk to bring old-school quality to those who are sick of mass production and superficial advertisements. We don’t believe that a celebrity endorsement characterizes a good fragrance (sorry, Johnny Depp). By partnering with independent perfumers and selling their creations directly to you online, we can offer exceptional quality at a reasonable price.”

​When you sign up for Scent Trunk, you go through a short survey where you can add your favourite fragrances and fragrance notes. Type in ‘Chanel No. 5″ and it will show you the notes. You can add as many fragrances you would like. These save and give us a base line of what to send you.

​Every month subscribers rate and review each scent we send them in their My Account page. ​You can rate each fragrance out of five stars, and add comments. They use that data to curate better boxes. Bonus: every purchase earns ​points to redeem on full size bottles!

Not only that, but Scenttrunk has a cause. If you know me or follow me on social media, you know that support for mental illness is something close to my heart.

“Scent has the power to evoke memories and change our emotions. In fact aromatherapy has long been used throughout different cultures as a treatment for depression. 1.5% of people suffer from persistent depression. One of the biggest challenges is that there is a lot of stigma around it which prevents people from seeking help. We support mental health research because it has affected us and many of those around us. Each month, 1.5% of our sales goes towards the Brain and Behaviour Research Foundation. Their goal is to identify causes, improve treatments and one day prevent and cure mental illness.”

For $18 USD per month, or $16/month  if you pay six months in advance, or $15/month if you pay annually. That is a DEAL! I’m not sure if you have ever purchased fragrance samples before – remember these are deluxe spray samples – but I’ve seen them sold for up to $20 a vial. After you register, you are guided through a profiling process to help Scenttrunk choose your scents for you. Then they send you your samples. I have to say, I adore their packaging. So much care goes into every aspect of what you receive.

I loved my first two packages and enjoyed playing with the fragrances, but the third package really hit a major home run with each sample. Damn you Scenttrunk, making me want to buy more perfume!

Scenttrunk dalybeauty review



Scenttrunk dalybeauty review
Personally prepared by the lovely Jolisa, who loves perfume as much as I do!


Scenttrunk dalybeauty review
Ooh what treasures await…


Scenttrunk dalybeauty review
Deluxe samples, gorgeous cards with all the information for each perfume, and wee little blotters for testing.


Scenttrunk dalybeauty review
Everything you could possibly want to know about perfume but were afraid to ask!

I loved each of these gorgeous perfumes, with the Mona di Orio Musc being so beautiful it almost broke my heart. Holy moly it is a stunner. Diamond Jubilee Bouquet by Grossmith is a gorgeous classic yet gentle floral, totally worthy of it’s royal name. Sadly there were only five hundred bottles made so I doubt this beauty will make it into my collection. Ramon Monegal Cotton Musk is a gorgeous clean pretty and sunny musk perfume for musk perfume lovers – HELLO! Love at first sniff.

Does Scenttrunk sound like something you might want to try? There is a free trial right now, you pay only $4.95 for the shipping. If you sign up for the trial, you’ll start receiving the Scent Trunk monthly subscription 1 month later. You can cancel your subscription anytime even before they bill you for the $18, but they are hoping you’ll be hooked!

NOTE: Scenttrunk just rebranded their packaging and their website to be even more gorgeous. The package photographed here was the last one I got which was the original packaging. 

Scenttrunk ships to Canada, the USA and the UK. Here is their FAQ page.


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