Givenchy Mister Light? More Like Mister Right!

On my last trip to Sephora, they sent me home with an awesome bag of samples. As usual! Nothing like being a VIB to ensure a delicious assortment of tempting samples. Smart, those Sephora marketing geniuses, as I’m already preparing a list for a trip back. Sigh.
Givenchy Mister Light Instant Light Corrective Pen was one of the samples I received and I think it may be love. Often samples, especially the ones that come in a foil pouch, are a disappointment in that are small, and often contain too little of the product for anyone other than a Lilliputian to sample, or worse, the product is dried out. Not so with the foil pouch sample of Givenchy Mister Light. Funny, I read around online after tweeting with another beauty blogger who was going to try her new sample of Mister Light from Sephora, and could only find reviews on Eastern European blogs. I *think* they were positive reviews as the photos looked pretty good….
In natural diffused light- 1 tiny drop, 2 swatches, swatch on left blended. 
Anyways, I LOVE Mister Light. It applies like a dream, the tiniest amount goes so far. The colour I received was #4 Mister Macaroon, which sounds dark, being 4th on the list, but actually is perfect for my medium-fair-but-self-tanned skin. It is opaque yet so light, like some kind of heavy concealer/ YSL Touche Eclat hybrid. I love Touche Eclat, but let’s face it. It conceals nothing. But sometimes a thick gloppy concealer is too much. Did I mention you only need a microscopic amount of product? It lasts a decent amount of time on skin, with a little powder on top, and doesn’t settle into, ahem, fine lines. And since I have been using my **HOLY GRAIL ALERT** Vichy proEVEN my heavy concealers have been moved to the back of my make up rotation. I only need a bit of coverage around my eyes and on the sides of my nose. Seriously. 
I find Givenchy cosmetics getting harder to find but at least Sephora has it. My next trip to The Mothership (aka Sephora) will be for some Mister Light, although I still haven’t used half of my foil pouch, which I’ve been using daily for over a week. Seriously. So, at $33 for a pen/tube of product, it seems one will get a lot of bang for their buck as this stuff covers a lot with just a little.

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