My House Smells Like An L’Artisan L’Ambre Candle

Scented candles are an obsession of mine. I was discussing this with my friend Dane the other night. We love perfumed candles because, unlike our perfume collections, we will use an entire candle up, right down to the wick. I am quite choosy with my candles, and have a preference for those with good “throw”,  meaning their scent spreads out in the room/house. I love florals and resinous, incense-y scents, well actually I also love incense. The only one I burn is Nag Champa. I also love Papiers d’Armanie…environmental fragrance is a big thing with me.
L’Artisan Parfumeur, besides being one of my most favourite perfume houses, also makes my favourite candles. Most of them are so beautifully scented that even unlit, their gorgeous scent permeates the room. Their amber delight candle, Ambre, is one of those. It is a perfect woodsy, powdery sweet amber, and L’Artisan Parfumeur’s L’Eau d’Ambre is the most beautiful amber perfume in the world. Seriously, try it. Perfect for men or women, it is irresistible. The candle is the same, and even now, sitting around 7 feet away from me, unlit, I can catch wafts of its beauty in the air. Its still crisp and springlike weather here and the Ambre is perfect. I even enjoy it in the summer. The sweet little L’Artisan votives are perfect for your bedside table and for travel as well.  I want my whole house to smell like L’Artisan Ambre and why I don’t have any of the Ambre Boules yet is a mystery to me. The candles are not cheap but burn for hours and hours, and like I said, scent the room even when unlit. A necessary luxury, if you will.
Incense & amber makes me think of a gypsy…

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