Goody Double Wear Bands- Fun, Fashionable & Functional!

I don’t know a person with long hair who has not, at one time or another, worn elastic bands on their wrists. I do it all the time. One of the things I love about the Goody blonde ponytail holders is that they are skin tone so they don’t look *that* bad when worn on my wrist.  More functional than pretty, but they are close by when I need them. Well imagine my delight to find Goody Double Wear Bands! Fine they are black, but with your choice of silver or gold accents there is something for everyone! I actually like to wear both but am quite keen on the gold. My daughter wears exclusively silver/white gold so the silver ones are quite chic on her.
How fun are these!
They actually look so cool one could forget how flipping functional they are! They look so cute but also do what Goody does best when you need them- hold up your hair! And for the women in this house, holding up all this hair is not for amateurs! I was thinking how familiar they looked…they were reminding me of something I’d seen in a magazine. Then I remembered. The Accessories & Beyond brand of elastics that retail for $70 for 15….vs $5 for 3 of the Goody Doublewear. People, may I remind you that we are talking about hair elastics. That, dear reader, is where Fashion meets Victim. Do. Not. Do.
Goody Double Wear bands are available wherever Goody is sold- Walmart, Target etc.

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