Guerlain Shalimar Holiday Makeup Collection by Natalia Vodianova


For the first time, Guerlain creates in partnership with Natalia Vodianova, Souffle d’Or de Shalimar, a fine shimmery gold powder perfumed with Shalimar Souffle de Parfum fragrance. In collaboration with Olivier Echaudemaison, Creative Director of Guerlain, she has created her own make-up collection designed like a journey into the heart of the East and has reinterpreted the bottle of the perfume she symbolizes. A graceful press of the bulb releases the airy loose powder, a rush of the delightful scents of Shalimar Souffle de Parfum by Guerlain. The deliciously fine powder adorns skin and hair in a captivating gold halo that creates a multitude of glimmering reflections to light up a swish of the hair or bare skin.

Behold, the soft shimmer of Guerlain Souffle d'Or de Shalimar
Behold, the soft shimmer of Guerlain Souffle d’Or de Shalimar


This divine powder is a holiday must have! Guerlain has been releasing it’s classic scents in a fragrant shimmer powder with a bulb spray. Souffle d’Or de Shalimar is perfect for misting onto skin and hair. It gives a subtle shimmer and scent to décolletage, and you can bewitch anyone who comes close with gentle wafts of scent and a magical glow coming from your hair. I’m in love with this beautiful and luxurious powder.

The perfect accompaniment to the Souffle d’Or de Shalimar would of course be the Guerlain Météorites Perles de Légende, the special holiday release. It has the gorgeous and subtle correcting shades of blue and pink, combined with magical golden spheres to perfect for the holidays or anytime you want to feel beautiful. They have the classic Météorites soft violet fragrance that I adore.



Guerlain Météorites Perles de Légende is an exclusive version with 3 shades inspired by Indian pigments: pink to refresh, gold to illuminate, and a touch of blue to softly correct the complexion. Thanks to the Stardust technology, a diamond powder encapsulated in microspheres, which reflects light to create a pure and endless glow on the skin. Specifically for this limited edition, Natalia Vodianova has imagined a new precious case for the Météorites Perles de Légende: a blue and gold design reflecting the colours of Indian jewel cases.


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