Detox Market Best of Green Beauty Canada Box

Detox Market is pure genius at curating the absolute best in green, clean, natural and organic beauty,  skincare, and lifestyle brands. I feel like a kid in a candy shop every time I visit, except it’s not candy, it’s all amazing and wonderful things that are good for you! Seriously, there are so many ways that green beauty is the best beauty. No guilt, healthy and good skin and pretty make up? Yes, please!

Detox Market Canada curated a Best of Green Beauty Canada beauty box that is like a treasure chest of natural and organic beauty! The Best of Green Beauty Canada beauty box is simply perfect for gifting, to someone you love, and that includes yourself. This box is a bounty of clean green beauty goodness, and at $149 is a steal, as the combined value of the items included is $250+. Deal!


Detox Market turns retail into caring. Seriously, though. I opened the parcel to see a box telling me I am loved. Aw come on, guys! I love you too!


I’m so excited!


Just about to break open that seal…


Ooooh la-la! Behold! A treasure trove of covetable items to make everyone on your list happy. So, what do you get?

Province Apothecary, Moisturizing Cleanser + Makeup Remover $44  (smells amazing!)
Graydon Skincare, All Over Lotion $27 (gorgeous & light yet luxe)
Kaia Naturals, Takesumi Deodorant in Juicy Bamboo $21 (amazing for sensitive skin!)
Matcha Ninja, Cold Brew Matcha Box of 10 sachets $16 (yum)
rms beauty, un-powder $42.50 (there is no other setting powder for me!)
Aromacentric, After Party Roll On $32 (relaxing & soothing)
Living Libations, Cell Serum $44 (fights acne AND ageing! review soon)
Sappho Organics, Vegan Mascara $32( love everything Sappho, perfect makeup for sensitive skin)

Samples include:
Inspired Soap Works, Dead Sea Salt 2oz (used it last night – heaven for lavender lovers!)

This is a fantastic and comprehensive box of beautifully curated Canadian green beauty goodness to please everyone. The powder and the mascara are the only makeup items, and both are suitable for all skin types and tones. This a no-risk gift full of products that will not only make you feel good, but that are good for you. Don’t you love that? Get ’em while they last!

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