La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra Nuit and My #MomentOfRelief

A month ago, I started using Toleriane Ultra Nuit, the latest product from La Roche Posay’s Toleriane collection. The night cream is specifically designed for sensitive, irritated, allergic and intolerant skin.


My hereditary eczema and psoriasis have been flaring up lately. A combination of stress, changes in weather and central heating induced dryness have exacerbated these issues. My skin can go from feeling tight and dry, with a bit of redness and flaking, to full on red, scaly and inflamed. It feels uncomfortable and it can sting. I have to be especially gentle when cleansing my face. Lotions with a strong fragrance or active ingredients can actually burn when applied. I have changed my diet and tried to eat foods that support healthy skin like bananas and potatoes. I’ve even reduced dairy and gluten. These things help, but reactions still pop up.

my happy little La Roche Posay Toleriane family – for night, for day and for eyes

I started using Toleriane Ultra Nuit a couple weeks ago. Since then I’am pleased to say my skin has been happy and comfortable. I wake up with soft skin and the tightness is gone. The red scaly bumps on my temples and around my eyes have disappeared. Toleriane Ultra Nuit allows my skin to detoxify as I sleep, while hydrating and healing my skin. My sensitivity is reduced and washing my face is no longer a potentially painful exercise. When my eczema flares up on my eyelids, applying any makeup at all is impossible. Flaky skin and redness covered in makeup is not a good look. Thankfully, that’s no longer an issue for me.

My skin is experiencing a #momentofrelief
My skin is experiencing a #momentofrelief


And I’m not the only one! My husband gets rosacea and has very sensitive skin. Shaving combined with our dry central heat makes his skin super reactive, so I suggested he try Toleriane Ultra Nuit with me. He loves it, and his skin seems to as well. It’s gentle enough to use post–shave and soothes skin while it moisturizes. I have an office full of products and he has tried many, but the Toleriane collection is one he wants in his shaving bag when he travels. I’ve even convinced him to use the Toleriane Ultra Eye Contour!

There’s no reason for anyone to suffer the effects of damaged or irritated skin when you can find relief while you sleep with La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra Nuit. Get your own #MomentOfRelief over at La Roche Posay and win your own bottle of Toleriane Ultra Nuit!

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