Happy Birthday Coco Chanel!

A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future- Coco Chanel
Well today is Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel’s birthday- she would be 128 today! There is no question that Coco Chanel changed the way we feel about fashion and how women dress. She shook off the girdles and boning and restrictive frou frou fashion from the turn of the century and gave us jersey, dropped waists, pants and cropped hair. Even making the suntan (fake these days!) fashionable can be owed to Coco, thanks to her holidays in the sunny South of France.

This ad for Chanel No5 from the 80s with the gorgeous Carole Bouquet is just so perfect. The text is perfect hearbreak ennui. Here is the approximate translation:

You hate me, don’t you?
Say it, tell me that you hate me.
It’s a disturbing feeling….very disturbing.
For I hate you…I hate you so much
I think I shall die of it.
My love…


She revolutionized modern perfume with No5, taking the synthetic aldehydic note that is so clean fresh and tingly and amping it up to something never seen before in perfumery. She wanted a perfume that would smell “like a woman” and not just a composition of notes. 
70s ad with the stunning Catherine Deneuve
Chanel is still a force to be reckoned with. In my opinion it is one of the greatest perfume houses in the world, rivalled only by Guerlain and I would be hard pressed to choose a favourite between the two. The cosmetic collections still cause stampedes to the make up counters with Limited Editions items selling out in minutes and going for a small fortune on ebay for those not fortunate enough to have connections with a helpful Sales Associate. Ahem- have I mentioned how much I love the amazing Chanel ladies at The Bay? Anyways… Let’s not forget her impact on fashion- her bouclé jackets and quilted bags are iconic and the demand has yet to wane for Chanel’s luxe fashions.
Le Exclusifs de Chanel

Today, we have many stunning Chanel perfumes and there is something for everyone in the collection. I am a big fan of the Chanel Exclusif Collection, available at Chanel Boutiques on on their site. You can see from my blog banner that her Bois des Iles is one of my favourites. It is actually my favourite perfume of all time, and I own both the Exclusif and a pre-Exclusif vintage bottle. It is heartbreakingly gorgeous. I love many of the Exclusifs and today I will wear the summery 28 la Pausa in honour of Coco’s birthday. Chanel 28 la Pausa is a soft powdery perfume based on the iris. Iris Pallida is one of the most expensive ingredients known to perfumers and has a deep earthy rooty scent that becomes a sexy skin perfume, very soft and wearing close to the skin. Which means someone has to get nice and close to smell it. 28 la Pausa is names for a home Mademoiselle Chanel owned on the French Riviera.  Joyeux anniversaire Mademoiselle Chanel!
How cool is Coco? Rock on you fashion rebel.

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