Beautiful Nail of The Day by Essie Angora Cardi

I guess it has something to do with that “end of summer feeling” thats going on now. Thanks, Back To School Sales EVERYWHERE I GO. Ok, I’ll stop crying in a minute….Anyways, I’ve been craving a slightly darker more dramatic nail these days. I have some super vampy colours and reds but I wanted something in between.
It doesn’t read as dark on the nails- more like the bottle colour. iPhone pic!
I blame Gaia over at The Non Blonde and her stunning Rescue Beauty Bruised, which is a gorgeous burgundy shade I’ve been coveting for awhile. Funny, Essie Angora Cardi is kind of a dupe. Kind of dupe-y? At any rate, it fit the bill nicely and even on a warm summer day it looked fantastic. I’m not sure if the chipping 2 days later was due to my decision to clean out my fridge or the polish itself, but the colour is so lovely I will definitely give it another chance. FYI, my pedi is Essie Chinchilly which is the perfect grey is a perfect match with burgundy. I may switch it up soon as Angora Cardi would be fantastic on toes peeking out of a sandal….

What is your fave burgundy polish?

Note the burgundy in Sophia Loren’s sweater….ok it’s not a cardi, but who cares? Sophia!


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