YSL Volupté Sheer Candy Gloss is a Beautiful Balm, Too!

No2 Dewy Papaya second from right
I’m a sucker for a lip balm. I am also a sucker for luxe packaging and pretty colours. But, I am also quite colour phobic and tend to wear sheer glosses or my lips but better non lippy lippies. I was perusing the YSL counter and thanks to most delightful SA had fun trying this and that. She could tell by my next to bare face that I was skeered of colour and whipped out the Volupté Sheer Candy Gloss in No2 which is Dewy Papaya. It is a super sheer pink coral that looked very pretty and not scary at all swatched on my hand but she had me at “Did I mention it’s a balm too? My lips just feel so good when I wear this!”Well, she was gorgeous with beautifully applied make up- I always trust those SAs to sell me something I will actually use. 
Isn’t the tube pretty?
So I gave it a try and loved it. It does have a fruity scent and mild taste but both disappear and are not over powering at all. It just glides on and does feel soothing and gentle on my lips which I love. I have fairly good colour in my lips and always have. Actually I used to put foundation on them in high school because I thought they were too pink! Imagine. But that makes these sheer lippies so perfect for me!
Ok I realize this just barely qualifies as a colour…but I love it!
Unlike my trusty pot balms, which I also love, this one would look gorgeous being pulled out of a purse and subtly applied in public. Did I mention the packaging is stunning? It’s in a glossy shiny silver tube with a golden YSL symbol wrapped around the middle. Oh sure, you pay for that but I can justify it (can’t we all justify everything?) because I don’t wear lipstick so I never buy fancy lippies. That works, right?
Pardon my pores on the close up 🙂

I got my YSL Sheer Candy Gloss Volupté at Holt Renfrew for $31.50.

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