The Soft Quiet Beauty of Givenchy ange ou démon le secret elixir

When sprayed on initially, I smell a slight hint of a bitter fruit, namely grapefruit, despite the fact that descriptions of this scent found online don’t mention it. After a few minutes, the scent really warms up. It becomes a soft and cozy scent that has a slight hint of something powdery. This unique powder note is soft and smooth without venturing into the cliché territory of the innocence of a baby powder note. Le secret also carries over into sensual territory as it dries down – the vanilla, patchouli, cedar and white musk notes create the illusion of warm skin. There is also a subtle sweetness to this scent, sugar and berries come to mind, that is the perfect counterpart to the powder and musk aspects. My first impression was that this would be a scent perfect for the winter season, but I have actually been wearing it throughout the summer and it works wonderfully when worn on warm summer evenings. Overall, ange ou demon le secret is an intimate and velvety scent that reflects the smokeyness of the purple bottle and the secrecy of its name. 

How beautiful & intimate is this? Sam & Andrew…so romantic

It makes me think of that scene in the film Garden State when, after an evening of swimming, Sam and Andrew spend some time in cozy sweaters by an immense fireplace and talk about each others’ past. 

Givenchy ange ou démon le secret elixir is exclusive to The Bay in Canada. In the US you can get it at Macy’s, Dillards, Lord & Taylor and Sephora. They have scented bubble bath “tea bags” available as well as part of the line- what a perfect gift that would be!
Givenchy review written by my smart & beautiful daughter, Emilie
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