Head to Toe in CHANEL No5 L’EAU

CHANEL recently released some absolutely gorgeous No5 L’EAU (read my review of No5 L’EAU perfume here) body products, and they are simply stunning. The newest additions to the No5 L’EAU family are as light and airy as the fragrance and perfect for summer. The No5 L’EAU All-Over Body Spray is soft perfumed spray for the hair and body, a fresh and ultra-gentle mist, which is a perfectly light way to wear No5 L’EAU. This light and delicate version of No5 lends itself perfectly to a body mist – soft citrus, flowers and the famous CHANEL aldehydes waft in your hair and around skin like a gentle breeze. Just like the fragrance, it simple and modern right down to its minimalist packaging. Sleek, white, matte, contemporary, and travel-friendly. A must-have!

And as a follow-up to CHANEL’s hugely successful and terrific On-Hand Cream, they’ve now released No5 L’EAU On-Hand Cream. And it’s a must for every purse and gym bag, as well as perfect for travel. Inside is a nourishing hand and body cream that diffuses the perfectly delicate scent of No5 L’EAU. The On-Hand Cream is a sensual and enveloping cream that makes hands soft and moisturizes cuticles. It can be worn throughout the day, either alone or layered with your fragrance for a longer-lasting scent. The perfect pick me up! Wear it alone, with No5 L’EAU or with any iteration of CHANEL No5! The delicate softness of No5 L’EAU fragrance will linger on your hands, with it’s hints of citrus, airy rose, ylang ylang and jasmine and the modern aldehydes.


Kitty is smitten with CHANEL No5 L’EAU All-Over Body Spray and On-Hand Cream


What I love about all of the No5 products is how seamlessly they layer and blend with each other. CHANEL No5 eau de toilette, eau de parfum and parfum and all of the assorted bath and body products in the No5 line are incredibly luxurious and layer beautifully with the perfume. And CHANEL No5 Eau Premiere is also beautiful, and retains the bones of the original. You can happily layer No5 original bath and body products with No5 Eau Premiere for your own personal blend. One of my favourite layering cocktails is No5 Eau Premiere layered with the divine No5 Gold Fragments Shimmering Gel. And now that warm weather is here, that shimmering gel is perfect for that exposed skin.


Get your CHANEL No5 L’EAU On-Hand Cream and All-Over Body Spray at CHANEL counters, boutiques and online.

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