Guerlain Météorites Le Parfum – Pretty, Powdery & Fruity

Guerlain recently released a perfume inspired by their famous spherical powders, Les Météorites. I say inspired by versus named after, as they did previously have a Les Météorites perfume that was released in 2000 but is now discontinued. That version did smell true to the soft violet powder scent of the makeup – exactly like it actually. I have a small bottle left and treasure it. It’s different from all other violet perfumes as it has that special Guerlain base of warmth, as well as smelling like their gorgeous makeup.


Thierry Wasser created a new ode to Les Météorites with his own take, so I already knew it would be pretty, soft and sweet. And I was fairly certain it would not be a smell-alike to the 2000 version of Les Météorites.

And Météorites Le Parfum is indeed it’s own perfume. Of course, it does have lovely notes of violet and rose that summon up the Guerlain powder, but just not singularly. Perhaps it’s even lovelier because of this? Maybe it depends what you want. I will always love the original version, but I have indeed fallen in love with Météorites Le Parfum. The creamy powdery rose and violets are accented with a soft fruity note that keep the perfume from being overly makeup-y. I know many Guerlain fans find it too mainstream and that it is likely created to have huge mass appeal. Well, yes. I suppose that’s the case. But creating a beautiful scent with mainstream appeal is no mean feat, and I still smell the Guerlain DNA in Météorites Le Parfum. That fruity note in the top notes is apple, and it is suprisingly lovely. Some fresh green notes and a soft skin musk in the dry down make this perfume perfect for someone who likes their perfumes to stay close to their skin.

Perfect for spring and summer, Météorites Le Parfum is a welcome addition to my collection. I’ve been wearing it a lot, and it has become a favourite bed time perfume for me as well. I’ve been alternating it with my Guerlain Eau de Lit and quite love it.

Get Météorites Le Parfum at Guerlain counter and online at $92 CAD for 100ml.


Vintage Guerlain Shalimar on the left, and my circa 2000 Guerlain Les Météorites perfume on the right



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