illumalift™, The Ultimate No Makeup Makeup to Brighten + Perfect

I am forever in search of the perfect #nomakeupmakeup. Tinted moisturizers, light coverage foundations (these never work btw), mineral powders and the like. I have found a few things I love, like Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Mineral Foundation, Dermalogica Sheer Tint SPF 20, and a recent favourite Gee Beauty Prime Skin (still a fave). I’ve been drifting away from the powder foundations as I find they can emphasize fine lines. My Pure Pressed Base is an exception, but my hormones have been on a roller coaster lately, and my skin has been weirdly dry in spots meaning the powder stays in the drawer.

Let me explain my wants and needs regarding coverage. I do NOT want a mask on my face – I’m not looking for perfection. I loathe the feeling of full makeup and frankly I’m just too lazy for all that maintenance. Instagram makeup that erases all pores and lines is not my jam and never will be. If you’re here hoping for my tips on baking your concealer, you’re in the wrong place. My makeup is low key, easy to apply, nor is it complicated or time consuming.


Illumalift™ in Medium + Complexion Brush


I recently took the illumalift™ Brighten + Perfect duo for a test drive and I am in love. True love, dear reader. I am wearing it every day that calls for makeup and I couldn’t be happier. Even better – Illumalift™ was created by an amazing Canadian woman, Sandra Milligan. From their site:

Introducing illumalift™…the first face brightener, primer and foundation with active ingredients that can instantly make you look younger! Studies by Sederma indicate that skin looks 2 years younger with just one month of use.

Versatile and easy to use, the oil free magical formula blends seamlessly into the skin, effectively minimizing the appearance of dark circles, broken capillaries, sun damage, blemishes, redness and any other skin imperfections.

Founder Sandra Milligan created illumalift™ to address the needs of people who want to look youthful and fresh, but without the look of wearing makeup. “Since you’re wearing makeup every day, it only makes sense to add active ingredients like Matrixyl 3000 and Vitamin E, that are good for you. illumalift allows your skin to look fresh and dewy, not flat and lifeless like foundation and concealers can. We have combined anti-aging and makeup to simplify your daily beauty routine. Beauty is about feeling good about yourself and using products that are good for you inside and out”.


Left – zero makeup
Right -Illumalift™ Brightening Cream under eyes + foundation lightly blended on face


The Brightener is a yellow cream product to use before the the illumalift™, to counter dark circles and imperfections. I don’t always use it and I hardly notice it on my skin, but it really does make a difference when I use it under the illumalift™. Both of these products contain good for your skin ingredients and that is apparent after a couple weeks of use. First of all, my skin loves this line and does not react. No rash, no acne – can I get a hallelujah! Second – this is the perfect soft and gentle coverage of my dreams! The no makeup makeup that perfects skin tone without that mask feeling of foundation that I loathe. It never oxidizes or changes tone on my skin as the day goes on.

Why is good for your skin? Here is what illumalift™ has packed into each and every little pot of glowing goodness:

Matrixyl 3000 – This anti wrinkle peptide promotes wrinkle smoothing and improves tone and elasticity. New test by Sederma reveals results making skin appear 2 years younger after only one month of use.

Silica – This multifunctional mineral provides unique optical properties that impart a soft focus effect, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Its high oil absorption capacity ensures a matte finish.

Boron Nitride – Silky and soft, these particles increase adhesion and coverage. The result is a “soft-focus” effect that minimizes the appearance of fine lines as well as brings a natural light to the cosmetic products.

Dermaxyl – Assists in reducing wrinkles by enhancing the body’s production of collagen. This anti-ageing active ingredient favours cell communication and then repairs age related skin damage.

Vitamin E – A major anti-oxidant nutrient that retards cellular aging due to oxidation. Vitamin E also works to increase skin’s moisture level and cell turnover or exfoliation, supporting elasticity and aiding in wrinkle prevention.

Gatuline In-Tense – This is an extremely rapid and effective firming ingredient. Its action on the supporting tissue rapidly reorganizes collagen fibers to visibly smooth the skin and diminish wrinkles.


Lower swatch: Neutral, upper swatch: Medium. I had to swatch them HEAVILY because frankly illumalift™ just melts perfectly into skin, so this is NOT how it looks on my face.


illumalift™ has introduced more shades and because of the sheer nature of the product, I think a lot of skin tones will find a match. I use the Brightening Cream in Light, and the Foundation in Neutral, but I also like to use the Medium shade to add a bit of a tan/glow. That may help give you an idea of how the shades work. I have a yellow undertone to my skin, and pretty much zero tan. I love their little blending brush and it helps achieve the most natural blended glow possible. I feel like I have my complexion perfection kit with these beauties!

Does it need a setting powder? I use one anyways. Nars Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder is a favourite of mine as it never looks to dry or settles into lines, and adds a soft glowing light. Guys who wear a little concealer or tinted moisturizer you need to check out illumalift™! Thank me later.


This is how my now well-loved illumalift™ babies look now


I could go on and on, but honestly your best move is to go try it for yourself. If you are looking for a full coverage foundation, this is not for you. But if you love everything else that I’ve said so far, and if you’ve read the blog and love a soft focus no makeup makeup look like me, what are you waiting for? Go get your illumalift™!


Buy illumalift™ online or find a retailer near you here.

Prices range from $21 CAD for the brush to $29 CAD for the foundation

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