LES EAUX DE CHANEL: Biarritz & Venise Perfumes

Inspired by three destinations dear to Gabrielle Chanel, LES EAUX DE CHANEL start a new chapter in the history of CHANEL fragrances, based on destinations that she loved to visit. There are three in the collection, but Canada has two available online at CHANEL.CA, the gorgeous Biarritz and Venise. And they are both gorgeous and must-haves for all Chanel fragrance lovers.



Les Eaux come in giant 125ml bottles and are priced at an easy $149 CAD, which is an amazing value! They are lighter than an eau de parfum, but if you know me, you know that makes me happy. I love a soft scent and would much rather reapply than wish I could hose myself off because I can’t breath. Summer colognes tend to be light and airy, meant to work perfectly in the heat and sunshine without being stifling or overbearing, and Les Eaux de Chanel could not be more perfect. Just spray with abandon, head to toe, and smell beautiful. There is an eau for everyone, and they are, of course, gender neutral. Duh.



Biarritz is a seaside town in the south of France, but on the west coast, near Spain, and it’s actually the surf capital of Europe. Our family has travelled there often, to a little town nearby called St Jean de Luz, and that part of the world is near and dear to us. It’s Basque Country, with mountains and rocky coastal beaches with giant waves and an almost tropical climate. Paris-Biarritz has notes of ocean air, Sicilian mandarins and lily of the valley and is as refreshing as a dip in the ocean. I adore it and have been wearing it almost every day. True love!



Paris-Venise is an ode to Coco’s love of Venice, a city she sought shelter in after the death of her true love, Boy Capel. She drew strength from the vibrant bustling world of Venetian society and culture, and fell in love with the Baroque and Byzantine energy. The merging of East meets West culture became an inspiration for her style. Paris-Venise is a study of shadow and light, freshness and sensuality and is something a little different for the “traditional” cologne offering for sure. A bright and sparkling neroli is balanced with the warmth of an ambery tinge of vanilla and some yummy tonka bean notes. There is no iris anywhere in the notes for Venise, but I swear I smell iris. Maybe it’s the powdery amber. It’s fresh and warm at the same time, and perfect for a hot summer night, be it date night, or to wear to bed…(also date night?).

I have been wearing both of these, and even layer them, which is so delicious there are no words. They are only sold online in Canada, so you can’t sniff before buying. Unless you come to my house, and I’ll happily give you a spritz.


Get Les Eaux de Chanel online at Chanel everywhere and in Canada (sorry Canadians, thats our only option) and at larger Chanel counters and boutiques in the US and EU.

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