I.C.O.N. Mesh Styling Cream & My Hair- Oh Behave!

It always surprises me to find what I consider to be some of the most incredible beauty products out there are a) completely unknown to my friends (one of the reasons I started this blog) and b) not reviewed by anyone, anywhere. ICON Mesh Styling Cream is one of them. This is probably the best hair styling product I have ever used. Ever. And I’ve meant to write about forevah but get distracted by all the sparkly shiny things that come my way *oh glitter nail polish*….but I digress. I have coarse wavy hair that whips the butt of pretty much every styling product out there. For something to actually hold and calm my hair, it usually has to have the texture of thick glue or lacquer. I.C.O.N. Mesh teaches my hair to behave.

My amazing hair-whisperer/stylist/artist Katarina introduced me to ICON line years ago. She carries a different main line in her family salons, but is committed 100% to ICON Mesh Styling and ICON Cure (that’s another post…) and once I tried it on my hair, I became a believer. Its a light weight gently scented styling cream, perfect for wavy, curly hair, or just for controlling hair. It works well on short hair as well as long hair. I use it on damp hair pre-styling and also on dry hair after styling to refresh my style the next day. I use a quarter sized dollop and emulsify it between my hands then evenly distribute it on my hair. For my long hair it works best to concentrate Mesh on the lower half of my hair.

…because we all don’t have Warren to do our hair for us…

It is described as “A styling cream that creates structure and flexible style”. That is exactly what it does. It does not build up in hair and its almost impossible to tell there is product in the hair. It doesn’t flake off and actually seems to have a conditioning effect. It does have the tiniest bit of silicone in it (way down the ingredient list, near fragrance) which adds slip but there isn’t enough to build up in the hair. I am silicone phobic as all it really does is mask issues in the hair and coat it so conditioners can’t work & my silicone detector has not gone off with Mesh. The scent is very soft and gentle and seems to dissipate as your hair dries. I actually love the smell- it’s very soft & sort of a sweet floral woody scent. If I want tons of hold ( like for a fancy party- otherwise that is just not my lifestyle…) I use hairspray. But for everyday control and polish, Mesh is simply perfect.

3rd day waves….hair for the lazy…

I get my ICON products from my stylist. They have a store/salon search engine on their site so hopefully you can find some near you! It is also available for sale on Amazon. I buy the giant 250ml bottle and it lasts at least 6 months. I also got the travel size bottle and refill it for, well, travel.

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