OPI Pink Friday Makes Me Think Pink

The bombastic Nicki Minaj recently put out a collection of colours with OPI. They are all pretty amazing but I really liked the Barbie pink colour, Pink Friday, which is named after her debut album. 
It’s cute, fun and cheerful and just makes me happy to look at- maybe because its yet another teaser for the divine ice cream pastels coming this spring. I’ve really been loving opaque lighter colours on my nails these days and Pink Friday is good pink fun. Two normal coats is all it took for total coverage. The formula is one of OPI’s best- just thick enough to give perfect coverage yet thin enough to dry relatively quickly without a quick dry top coat.

Nicki Minaj has created quite a sensation. Whether or not you like hip hop is simply a matter of taste, but there is no question this woman is force to be reckoned with. Hip hop is about as male dominated as one could get but she came and she conquered. She beat out Jay Z & Kanye West for Best Hip Hop Album at the American Music Awards which is no small feat. I like her spirit and her chutzpah and the world can use more butt kicking women like her.

If you don’t take control of your career, guess what? You’ll be stuck in the sunset watching the sunrise, I am the sunrise ~ Nicki Minaj

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