Peter Lamas Avocado and Olive Ultra Smoothing Line Is Amazing

My search for gentle and moisturizing hair products is an ongoing one. Often products that claim to do this are full of silicones and other stuff that actually just build up on hair. It may work the first few times but eventually will have a boomerang effect on your hair as it dries out underneath the layers of leftover product. Peter Lamas makes a natural line of moisturizing and soothing hair products, The Naturals, that are loved and used by many Hollywood lovelies with enviable gorgeous healthy hair.
Well, needless to say, I am in love and the Avocado & Olive Oil Shampoo and Conditioner are my new favourite products. The shampoo smells like a lovely black tea with a touch of citrus, and the conditioner has a gentle sandalwood scent. Both are soft and gentle and make these products completely unisex in scent. Nicely done, as girly stuff can tend to smell like a bouquet of flowers or the manly stuff like Axe. The Naturals smell beautiful and high quality. My hair felt smooth right away after shampooing, in the shower. This is always a good sign as a harsh shampoo can make my hair a wooly mammoth mess that needs a bucket of conditioner to calm. Again- using the cotton t-shirt hair wrap after the shower has made a difference as well. Silky smooth hair is mine! I can’t stress enough how my hair can be like Crusty The Clown if I don’t look after it, so trust me, the photos of my hair are testimony to Peter Lamas The Naturals awesomeness.
I got a sample of the Chinese Herbs Styling Cream that smells amazing and makes my hair shiny and soft. Its full of rice proteins and good stuff that conditions as it controls. It does have a touch of silicone but it is one of the last ingredients so it is not a concern. I plan on getting a full size of this one as well. I used it on my hair twin daughters long blond locks as well and it made her thick coarse hair silky too.
Indirect light…no frizz, baby!
Shiny in the sun…
So silky….
It’s quite sunny. You can tell by the sunglasses
No pouffiness but not flat either. Perfect!

Peter Lamas products are available online via their site. The shampoo and conditioner are each $18 for a large 350ml bottle. Canadians can buy it here, US residents here.

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