I Love Finding Things I Forgot I Had. Like Vintage Rochas.

rochas scarf pic frame

I was digging through a scarf drawer the other day. I use the term “scarf drawer” loosely. It’s predominantly scarves. Well, more like fifty-fifty. Anyways, I found a small silk scarf square, white with a black lace design that is reminiscent of the packaging on the vintage Rochas Femme perfume. So I think it is a vintage gift-with-purchase from way back when. It is super pretty, so I thought you might like to see it! I love perfume, and I love designer vintage, so this is kind of a perfect combination of the two. I suppose it’s around 12 inches by 12 inches. My friend Gaia over at The Non Blonde did a review of the luscious Rochas Femme perfume that is a terrific read.



I want to find more stuff like this. Do you have any vintage perfume or designer goodies?


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