The miracle that is Instagram has opened up a whole new world for business. That is where I stumbled upon the amazing Gage Huntley, the company owned by California based jewellery designer Amanda Dale. She has an effortlessly cool style, and creates awesome stylish pieces that make me want to own them all. Her prices are reasonable, and make it easy to stack up your wrist with her eye catching beauties. I literally get compliments and “where can I get one??” from everyone when I wear her designs.

amanda in her stuff

The gorgeous Amanda sporting some awesome necklaces. I kinda want the horn…

Amanda posts her collection and her creative process on her Instagram account. It’s quite amazing to watch, and she is amazing when it comes to bespoke pieces as well. People – we are talking about one of a kind jewellery. Custom made. Just for you. She has also recently joined Twitter, so you should follow her there and show her some “LIKE” on Facebook too!

Here are my recent favourites (St Michael’s medallion is my own):

Gage Huntley hamsa necklace

Gage Huntley Hamsa Necklace

evil eye necklace Gage Huntley

Gage Huntley Evil Eye necklace

blue jade red coral Gage Huntley

Blue jade & red coral Gage Huntely Gold Feather Bracelets

evil eye hamsa Gage Huntley

Gage Huntley Evil Eye & Hamsa bracelets with antique brass beads

Gage Huntley red coral evil eye bracelet

gage huntley crystal necklace

My stunning new Gage Huntely Crystal Necklace with a tiny cross. Swoon.

Thank you for my beautiful pieces, Amanda. I think I will be emailing you for some more….

Gage Huntley designs range in price from around $12 US for a ring to up $50- $60 for her larger more complex pieces. Most are priced somewhere in the middle, which is more than reasonable for unique creations.