Jin Soon Obsidian Nail Polish – A Galaxy On My Nails

Ah Jin Soon Obsidian nail polish, you are a beautiful thing. You are like a twinkling galaxy of prettiness on my nails, and it makes me happy to look at you. Your lovely multi-coloured glitter in that creamy black base – divine! I previously shared my love for you here. But I felt a more dedicated post was called for.

Jin Soon nail polishes are amazing. The formula is flawless and I get full opaque coverage in two coats. The strengthening Power Base base coat and Top Gloss quick dry glossy top coat ensure a gorgeous long lasting manicure that is kind to your nails. Jin Soon also has a matte top coat, and Obsidian would be gorgeous with a matte top coat. Sadly, mine seems have walked away so let’s just enjoy the shiny goodness of  Top Gloss, shall we?

Jin Soon Obsidian in direct sunlight
Jin Soon Obsidian in direct sunlight.


It’s easier to see all the coloured glitter when my fingers are moving! So pretty.

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