Radiant Skin – Aftelier And Rodin, Facial Oils That Are Making Me Glow Right Now

I am a huge proponent of oils for moisturizing. For the body, the face, cuticles, nails and hair. Aroma M, Kiehl’s, Aftelier, Osmia Organics and Providence Perfumes, just to name a few of my favourites. Oil is a quick and efficient way to add much needed moisture and nutrition to our skin, as the molecules are smell enough to penetrate skin on contact. The oils I use and love also have the added benefit of smelling delicious, like a perfume that does wonderful things for your skin.

Lately even my oily skin has been in need of some extra moisturizing TLC. I’ve been alternating applying a few drops of oil on my face at bedtime and morning, to just adding a few drops to my regular moisturizer. Both methods work beautifully. If I’m using a serum at bedtime, I just wait for it to “sink in”, then apply my oil to my skin. One really only does have to use a few drops of these oils as they are super-concentrated. I adore both of these, but Aftelier oils are among my favourites in the world. Really. If you haven’t tried them.

aftelier organic ylang face elixir

Aftelier Organic Ylang Face Elixir ( $65, 15ml) I am a huge Aftelier fan, and the Organic Ylang Exlixir is no exception. It is a lush and luxurious oil that feels rich and moisturizing immediately upon application. I have been using it morning and night on my neck and definitely see results. It’s moisturizing benefits linger all day, and I love the way it feels on my skin. It does have a rather intense floral scent, so you should sample before buying.

From the website: 

Featuring organic ylang ylang, a creamy floral blended with bright pink grapefruit and blood orange both known for their toning and softening properties. The soothing aroma is both fresh and floral. Our face elixir is in a base of the following organic oils: rice bran, sweet almond, apricot kernel, camellia, grapeseed, squalene, and rose hip seed. These oils are chosen for their ability to promote cell regeneration. 

rodin olio lusso face oil

Rodin Olio Lusso Face Oil ($150, 29ml) This is a gorgeous and luxurious “cult” beauty item. It is rich, and this beautiful golden elixir applied at bedtime ensures a dewy glow when you wake up. Even in this climate! One word of warning – if you are sensitive to scented products, be sure to test this before buying. It smells quite intensely of jasmine, which I frankly love! They have a travel set which is a perfect way to try ALL the Rodin oils. I still have to try the Lip Balm, so stay tuned for my impressions!

From the website:

Olio lusso is made from a blend of 11 essential oils derived from flowers and botanicals. Creator, Linda Rodin, spent over a year making the elixir to satisfy her own beauty needs; the outcome is nothing short of wonderful! Applied morning and night, olio lusso is perfect for anyone seeking hydrated skin, and a luminous complexion. Apply a few drops of RODIN olio lusso on a clean, moist face morning and night.

If you have dry skin, and want to be moisturized, you really should consider adding skin oils to your routine. If you are a user of Clarins or Decleor face oils, then you already know what I’m talking about, and need to try these exclusive niche products. You won’t regret it. And if you do use oils, do yourself a favour and get glowing with Aftelier and Rodin.



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