Maybelline Baby Lips – Paging Dr Rescue!

If you haven’t tried Maybelline Baby Lips – what are you waiting for?! They are the best treat for lips you can get, either with a hint of colour or not, for under $5. And yet Baby Lips do not feel like a “cheap” product. They apply beautifully and smoothly, never dry or chalky, and soothe and protect the lips. I’ve since discovered Baby Lips, Dr Rescue version, which takes it one step further with healing ingredients. From the Maybelline website:

No more basic lip balm. Medicated care + 12 HR hydration. Soothes quickly with a hint of eucalyptus. Cools sore lips with a touch of icy menthol In 6 new natural tints to even out lip tone for healthier-looking lips

baby lips coral crave swatch

I love it!  The non colour version is a favourite in this house, but I’ve fallen for Coral Crave – pretty pretty “your lips but better” shade!


I cannot find Baby Lips, Dr Rescue on the Canadian Maybelline site, only the US one, but I purchased mine in Canada.

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