Kiehl’s Mineral Mascara is Marvelous & Beautiful

One of my pet peeves with mascara is thick clumpy mascara that looks fake and make-up-y. I am a lover of soft and natural make up, more so as I get older. I like my lashes to look dark, and perhaps a bit longer than they are naturally. Not thick, spidery, uber black and clumpy. Actually, that look is a pet peeve of mine…shall we bring KK and Eva Longoria out as witnesses for the prosecution? UGH.
KK at the 2011 Oscars
Eva at the 2011 Grammys
Thankfully, my lovely, wise and make up obsessed stylist Katarina told me about Kiehl’s Marvelous Mineral Mascara. She is a natural beauty and has gorgeous lashes that are so pretty you would never even guess she is wearing mascara. My older daughter loves big lush lashes and counts Diorshow as one of her faves so her and I have fairly different criteria for our mascara, but, she wanted to try the Kiehl’s as well. As well, I have to have a waterproof/long wearing mascara as my oily skin turns all eye make up into raccoon eyes. Whereas she likes something easy to remove as she often wears contact lenses and hates the oily remover necessary to take off waterproof eye make up. So, I kind of though one of us would like it, but the chances of both of us loving it were slim. Wrong! We both love it! It is light enough and long wearing enough for me, yet dark enough and easy enough to remove for her. Not sure how that works or is even possible but yay!
It is so natural it almost doesn’t feel like anything is going onto your lashes. But, wait. They are darker and longer, yet not goopy or clumpy. It is gentle, has no scent and does not appear, so far, to irritate either one of us. It has a silky smooth texture, but not watery. I’d almost call it magical, because I feel like I’m putting nothing on my lashes yet they look better after I apply it. We use the black formula and it is a true black without being too dark or matte, but it also doesn’t look wet. Perhaps waxy is a good word? Whatever it is, it is amazing and is officially my new Favourite Mascara. The fact that it is paraben free and full of moisturizing jojoba oil and acai is a bonus. It uses “minerals that are pulverized into a very fine powder to impart a smooth and even application” which I imagine contributes to the delicate texture of the product and the gorgeous subtle colour. All in all, it is a win.
I got my Kiehl’s Marvelous Mineral Mascara at the Kiehl’s counter at Holt Renfrew for $24. It sells for $16 in the US so when I’m on holiday this month I plan to stock up- especially considering the Canadian dollar is stronger than the US dollar right now. 

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