Steel Yourself For This Beautiful Chanel Polish

My amazing Chanel Fairy gifted me with the pretty much unobtainable Chanel Steel and Strong from the Chanel Soho Collection in Fall 2010. She has a knack for tracking these beauties down and for that, I am eternally grateful!
This colour is rich and heavy, and makes me think of those magnetic hematite stones. I feel strong when I wear it. And of course, it is Chanel so the formula is like buttah to apply, I usually just use one coat with some Seche Vite (don’t have this? You need it…) on top. I find darker frosts tend to dull so I re-apply a top coat daily or every other day to keep the shine up.
Natural light
I would have to say Steel is my favourite grey/black nail colour. It has the magical Chanel micro-glitter which is to say, it is practically invisible making it elegant and grown up but still fun. Chanel uses their frost and glitter to add dimension to a colour, not to sparkle up the town Ke$ha style- which is ok, if you like that kind of thing- and that suits me perfectly. For me to wear an almost black nail I need something to make it less stark and dark. The grey-ish blue micro glitter in Steel add that little something. It’s a fun colour, kind of a bad ass colour, and it looks as terrific with monochromatic business casual as it does with jeans and biker boots. Loving it!
What is your favourite black/pseudo black nail colour?

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