Klorane Mango Butter Range for Damaged Hair

Klorane Mango Butter shampoo conditioner

I’ve always loved Klorane. It’s an elegant French line of botanical hair products, whose philosophy is a based on a passion for plants and nature. Created in the South of France in 1966 by the pharmacist Pierre Fabre and one of the largest privately owned pharmaceutical companies in France. All cosmetics are designed with the same quality requirements as medicines. They take their beauty seriously, and for me, who has a fetish with all things French pharmaceutical (seriously, I LOVE shopping in French pharmacies) Klorane makes me feel like I am treating my hair to the best of all possible beauty options. So I decided to take the Klorane Mango Butter line for a spin. After spending some time in the sun, chlorinated water, and then back to winter and dry central heating, not to mention a few highlights here and there (ahem), my hair qualifies as chemically treated. I call that “fragile”. Add heat styling, and you have a recipe for doing damage.

Klorane Mango Butter mask

Firstly, the smell! Mangos, glorious mangos! Each of the product in the line smells like beautiful yummy mangos, with any added sweetness or synthetic notes. Just pure and gentle. It lingers in the hair for a few hours after styling, but you can only smell it if you bury your nose in your hair. The shampoo is rich and creamy and was easy to work through my thick hair. It does have some sulfates but by now we all know that there are sulfates that are a) not bad and b) necessary for actually cleaning your hair.  So I have the Mango Butter Klorane Conditioner and Klorane Mask and have used both. The Conditioner would be a good choice for someone with finer or shorter hair than mine, as it just wasn’t detangling enough. But the Mask with Mango Butter was incredible! And I imagine if one had fine hair, the mask might be too heavy so between the Mask and Conditioner with Mango Butter there is something for everyone. I only needed a tiny bit of the Mask to coat the lower half of my hair and I just let it sit while I did the rest of my shower business- scrub, loofah, face mask, foot scrub…etc. The Klorane Mask with mango butter rinsed out and left me with tangle free soft locks that were easy to comb. This is an accomplishment!

klorane-leave-in-fluid-with-mango-3oz Klorane Mango Oil Spray

So before I undertook the gargantuan task of blow drying my hair (which, to be fair, takes less time because of my Goody Quik Style Comb)  I applied the Klorane Leave-In Fluid with Mango Butter to the ends of my hair. It has more of a creamy texture than a fluid, and applied smoothly and easily. I then followed with a few spritzes of the Mango Oil Spray. The Mango Oil Spray is waterproof and protects hair from the sun – I wish I’d had it in Florida! At any rate, it certainly prepares the hair beautifully for heat styling and can be used after heat styling to tame flyaways, static and add a healthy shine that protects the hair. It smells amazing, is silicone free, so it won’t build up, and adds gorgeous shimmer and shine. I am all about shiny hair! And hair that smells amazing? A bonus.

I love it when my hairs smells fruity

Verdict? LOVE. Won’t be without. I have several hair care options that I love and the Klorane Mango Butter line is perfect for when my hair needs some tender loving care. And I won’t hit up the beach or the pool again without my Mango Oil Spray!

The Klorane Mango Butter line ranges in cost fro $6-$24 and is available at Klorane.com and select drugstores in Canada, Europe and the US. American buyers can check availability here.

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  1. Icaria

    At the moment my hair does need some TLC, I’ll definitely have a look at these since I too love mango and thank you for your Goody Quick Style Comb review (find), it’s great!

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