Korean Beauty: THEFACESHOP’s Hwansaenggo Escargot Golden Firming Line

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from left: Hwansaenggo Escargot Golden Cleansing Foam, Golden Firming Fluid & Golden Firming Eye Cream

Yes, that says “escargot”. And yes, they are referring to the snail. And said snail’s mucus. From THEFACESHOP:

Combining the powerful and nourishing moisture of nature’s snail mucus with the rich and luxurious detoxifying and brightening properties of pure 24K Gold, THEFACESHOP launches the new Hwansaenggo Escargot Golden Firming line this month that will bring life, youthfulness, and a gilded glow back into dull skin. Snail mucus has been used and revered for its healing, moisturizing, and anti-aging properties for centuries. When joined with purifying 24K Gold in an array of rich formulas, this lavish new line not only protects but also plumps and brightens skin, delivering a glow from within.

I would not have believed it if I had not tried it myself. I was intrigued and freaked out at the same time. However, knowing the magic of Korean skincare and how they are obsessed with beautiful skin and the latest skincare technology, I had to. As a beauty obsessive myself, how could I not?

Why snail mucus? Because of this good stuff:

Mucin: Maintains skin moisture and improves skin cell immunity and regeneration.
Allantoin: Promotes the growth of new skin tissues, relieving damaged skin and improving pore and overall skin texture.
Collagen and Elastin: Crucial for maintaining skin elasticity.
Glycolic Acid: Speeds up skin’s cell regeneration, ridding skin of excess irritants and preventing trouble like dryness and blemishes.

Why 24K gold?

Detoxification: Gold penetrates deep inside the skin and protects from external irritants.
Skin Metabolism: Gold works as a catalyst for skin metabolism, quickening cellular turnover to maintain healthy and radiant skin.

Long story short, I am IN LOVE with this line. LOVE! My skin feels soft, smooth and pampered, and that is exactly what the Hwansaenggo Escargot Golden Firming line promises. To start with, the packaging is divine. I know I love the whole clean modern apothecary look, but there is something about the luxe golden presentation that makes me feel super fancy when I use it.


How beautiful is this serum presentation?
How beautiful is this serum presentation?



from left: Hwansaenggo Escargot Golden Cleansing Foam, Golden Firming Fluid & Golden Firming Eye Cream
from left: Hwansaenggo Escargot Golden Cleansing Foam, Golden Firming Fluid & Golden Firming Eye Cream


The Hwansaenggo Escargot Golden Cleansing Foam (15oml, $30 CA) is wonderful! I use it at night as part of my double cleansing routine, or in the morning to start my day and simply love it. All it takes is the tiniest amount to create a soft and silky foam that leaves my skin soft and not tight or dry. My sensitive and reactive skin loves this cleanser and feels better since using it. It removes impurities from my skin gently, and leaves my skin softer, smoother and brighter.

The Hwansaenggo Escargot Golden Firming Fluid (45ml, $75 CA) is magic, I tell you. I had some friends over and was telling them about this serum, and of course they had to try it. They applied it all over their face and then were freaked out by the snail mucus, so I put it away. The next day, they both said they woke up and actually noticed their skin felt smoother. And of course I have noticed the same thing. This serum locks in the benefits of nourishing snail mucus and brightening 24k gold, providing a rich yet light weight boost of moisture and glow. The collagen in the formula visibly plumps lines and smooths wrinkles. I use it at least once a day as my starter serum, let it sink in, and if I’m using a cream I can apply it right on top. ADORE!

The Hwansaenggo Escargot Golden Firming Eye Cream ($75 CA) is a gorgeous and luxurious eye cream. This eye cream regenerates the sensitive skin of the eye area, giving instant elasticity and resilience while repairing damage and protecting the eye area. It feels lovely and luxurious, keeps my eyes moisturized all day, and doesn’t interfere with eye makeup. Love it!

I am in LOVE with this line of skincare, and THEFACESHOP. If you are looking for gentle, effective and luxurious anti-ageing skincare, I highly recommend you check out the Hwansaenggo Escargot Golden Firming Line for yourself! Have you tried any Korean skincare I need to investigate? Have you heard about snail mucus in skincare? Would YOU try it?

The Hwansaenggo Escargot Golden Firming Line is available at THEFACESHOP stores and online.

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