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I’m fairly fanatical about my manicures. I hate bare nails, although I’ll suffer them from time to time to give them oil infusions or even better, a good Nail Butter treatment. But I do have my desert island nail products that I wish I could sell as a kit. Honestly, add a crystal nail file and a buffer and you’re all set.

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One of my  new favourite products is the wonderful all purpose treatment by Delectable, Everything Balm ($16 CA, 20ml). The main ingredient in Everything Balm is castor oil, which is terrific for skin and hair. The highly concentrated fatty acids penetrate the skin easily, helping to soothe and hydrate. So after I remove polish, and before I file my nails I put Everthing Balm every where. I rub it into my nails, cuticles and fingers and let it soak in. It’s helpful for nails to do this BEFORE filing as they’re instantly less brittle and less likely to peel or tear. Castor oil is crammed with fatty acids, specifically omega-3 fatty acids. These omega-3s hydrate the skin, while stimulating the growth of healthy tissue and hair. It’s become popular for stimulating hair growth in lashes and brows. I can’t find any studies that prove this, but I used it after a disastrous lash extension experience and it helped! It has so many uses – read more here.  You can get this at drugstores where Delectable products are sold, and online.

Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat original has been my nail saver for quite awhile now. I love the healthy pink glow it gives my bare nails, and I love how it makes my nails hard and strong so they can grow. I’ve used many many nail strengtheners over the years, as I don’t get gel manis or fake nails. I prefer my own natural nails, so I was excited to try their newest version of their classic forumla, Ruby Pink Gel Coat. It has less blue in the shade, making nails pinker. It is very soft, but it makes a difference when worn under sheer colours. Any hint of yellow is immediately erased, and sheer beiges, pinks etc look clear and elegant. Nails look fresh, healthy and bright while getting stronger with every coat. This will ALWAYS be in my nail kit. I get mine at Sephora.

CHANEL Le Vernis Ballerina is my favourite sheer pink for a natural mani and it looks gorgeous with the Ruby Pink Gel Coat as a base. This is my go-to lazy  mani. The new CHANEL nail polish formula makes this polish almost indestructible and this gorgeous mani lasts days and days.

If you don’t have French Girl Organics Cuticle Oil yet, seriously what are you waiting for! This organic skincare line is hot hot hot, and has already made Gwyneth Paltrow’s love list. I wrote all it about here. French Girl Organics Cuticle Oil a luxe blend of natural, potent plant extracts and essential oils, with a citrus-rose scent that makes for a powerful treatment for healthier nails and cuticles. It has a roller ball applicator which is amazing and takes the mess out of applying oil to your fingertips, and can be done with only one hand. Perfect!

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