Next Level Clean Beauty: French Girl Organics is Cool And Gorgeous

One of my recent rabbit hole stumblings around Instagram led me to the coolest organic skincare brand ever, French Girl Organics. Honestly, their simple and clean styling is designed for Instagram perfection. Frankly I have always loved spare modern design in beauty. Our dear benelovent leader, CHANEL, changed the beauty landscape with their simple design and it’s that chic aesthetic I get from this line.


French Girl Organics looks like the in-house brand of the coolest spa you’ve ever been to, or something on the beauty floor of Barney’s, discovered by their buyer on a recent European jaunt. But no, dear reader, French Girl Organics is from Etsy, and is the beauty equivalent of the slow food movement. Small batch beauty you can display on even the fanciest, chicest vanity….from Etsy. I’m going to predict “not for much longer” on the Etsy front. French Girl Organics has been spied by the likes of GOOP and InStyle and for good reason. It’s amazing!

French inspired skincare, from their site:

80-100% VEGAN, ORGANIC or WILDCRAFTED, with ingredients grown on our Urban Farmstead in Seattle, others from farmer friends in the Pacific Northwest or around the world.
No Parabens
No Synthetic Preservatives
No Petroleum or Mineral Oil
No Sulfates
No Silicone
No Phthalates
No Fragrance Oils
Only Pure & Natural (and mostly Organic)
+ Inspired by our years of travel in France!
+ Tested on French Girls, never on animals!

I just love all of this. And I love the products too.


clockwise from top left: French Girl Lumière Bronzing Oil, French Girl Sea Spray For Hair Rose/Ylang, French Girl Cuticle Oil


French Girl Lumière Bronzing Oil ($53.87 CAD) is the most beautiful bronzing oil I’ve ever used. The fragrance is a soft and gentle tiare scent, not the overpowering monoi fragrance of many other bronzing oils I’ve tried. It gives the perfect soft bronzed look, making skin look like it glows from within. Bring on the bare skin weather because I will be slathering this from head to toe.

I mean, can you even???
I mean, can you even???

The French Girl Sea Spray for Hair  ($16.16 CAD) is a perfect beachy wave spray! I love to use it to refresh my wavy hair when it is already dry, simply because I love the fragrance so much. It gives perfect separation to hair without stiffness and stickiness, and holds a gentle wave like a pro. Seriously, this is THE product for effortless, undone, slightly messy French hair. For real.

French Girl Cuticle Oil ($26.94 CAD) is perfect for using anytime you’re sitting down and have your hands free. I keep it on my side table for use during Netflix marathons, and of course, after every manicure. The Cuticle Oil a luxe blend of natural, potent plant extracts and essential oils, with a citrus-rose scent that makes for a powerful treatment for healthier nails and cuticles. It has a roller ball applicator which is amazing and takes the mess out of applying oil to your fingertips, and can be done with only one hand. Perfect!



clockwise from top: French Girl Sea Soak Rose/Ylang, French Girl Café Noir Polish, French Girl Sea Polish


The French Girl Sea Soak ($24.24 USD) is simply divine. I call it a hangover cure, but I’m pretty sure it would cure anything that ails you, leaving you with soft scented skin and a feeling of general happiness. The soft and gentle scent of rose and ylang ylang make the bathroom and the air smell divine, and French Girl Sea Soak is my favourite salty bath soak right now. Love!

French Girl Café Noir Scrub ($51.18 USD) is a coffee lovers dream come true. It smells like sweet coffee and coconut and leaves soft smooth moisturized skin behind after using it. The sweet soft vanilla-coffee-coconut scent is addictive. I’ve never used a coffee based scrub before, and the dark granules remind me of black sand beaches so using this basically takes me to Hawaii.

The French Girl Menthe Sea Soak is so gorgeous and is one of my favourite fragrant bath products ever. The mint scent is so soft and almost powdery sweet, and like all the French Girl scrubs The lavender and rosemary add a soft of “men’s barbershop” fragrance, like a classic shaving soap or Old Spice kind of vibe. The salty mint notes make it modern and fresh. Seriously though, I would wear a perfume that smelled like this. Love!

All in all, if you are a lover of skincare, French Girl Organics is a line that you must not miss!

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