Prim Botanicals Review: Prim, But Not Always Proper

Prim Botanicals Daly Beauty review

Oooh I love this line. I could almost just leave it at that because sometimes the pure and simple things in life are just enough and all one needs. I love Prim Botanicals The Body Oil and I love Prim Botanicals The Pretty Perfect Lip Sheen. I love their packaging and their whole aesthetic speaks to me.

About Prim Botanicals:

Prim Botanicals is an all-natural beauty brand raised in the Philippines and currently based in New York and California.
We are lovers of all things lovely, fresh, restorative and fun. We believe in seriously effective products that never take themselves too seriously. We believe in real beauty and the importance of feeling happy in one’s skin.
We source as many plush tropical ingredients as possible and work with our in-house esthetician to formulate products that work- and work right away. We craft everything in small batches and, quite literally, whistle (and dance) while we work.
Plus, we’re suckers for pretty packaging. Welcome to the world of Prim.

Prim Botanicals Body Oil Lip Sheen

Prim Botanicals The Body Oil (120ml, $54 USD) says “feel sexier” on the back and I just love that. This luxe and gorgeous oil is hydrating and makes my skin feel silky and great. It’s packed with skin friendly good stuff to soothe stretch marks and irritated skin, even eczema. The Body Oil contains Amazonian oils like Andiroba and Pracaxi that gives me beautifully smooth and firm skin. Prim’s special blend of essential oils like jasmine, wild rose, bergamot and black pepper gives the oil a soft yet sexy scent. I’m using it after every shower. Love!

Prim Botanicals Pretty Perfect Lip Sheen

Prim_Botanicals The Pretty Perfect Lip Sheen

Prim Botanicals The Pretty Perfect Lip Sheen ( 1/4 oz, $22 USD) is part of Prim’s “The Proper Collection” and they call this shade a “universally flattering nude”. I can’t attest to that, but it sure is flattering on me! I am in love with Prim Lip Sheen!  It is silky smooth, and not remotely sticky. My lips have a fair amount of colour, so this nude shade is perfect for me. I never wear a strong lip colour – like NEVER – and like the “my lips but better” look for even special occasions.


In sunlight
In sunlight


Better indication of the colour of Prim Botanicals The Pretty Perfect Lip Sheen
Better indication of the colour of Prim Botanicals The Pretty Perfect Lip Sheen

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  1. AngelinaAri

    I was looking into purchasing the lip sheen, so thanks for sharing this. However, $22 for a such a small amount…I think I’ll pass 🙁

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