LipFusion Objects of Desire Are Beautiful for Holiday Lips

I love LipFusion Lip Plumper. It is the only lipgloss I keep on hand at. All. Times. Nothing gives a better softer lip while conditioning and giving me full pillowy lips. Some come close, but none match the performance, texture, taste and feel of LipFusion. I have the standard milky/clear tube as well as Sweet and love them both equally. I am a gloss girl through and through and just don’t do lipstick. I often use Benefit Benetint under the LipFusion with fantastic just bitten rosy lipped results.
I saw the Objects of Desire Collection at Shoppers Drug Mart and the first thing I noticed was the pretty packaging and that it was priced less than the usual LipFusion. At $40 for the usual, this was enticing. Yes this is an expensive product, but delivers and frankly a tube lasts me a long time.  The Objects of Desire are actually smaller than the original but I didn’t notice that until after I purchased. I suppose if I also wore lipstick I’d be less keen to spend this much on gloss but….So the packaging seemed Holiday-esque and I had been looking for a berry pink for my lips after seeing THIS post.  I quickly grabbed Show Off (2nd from the left in photo), a deep raspberry tone, and was quite excited. It is very pretty, and frankly the perfect shade of raspberry. Just enough of a blue tone to give that white teeth look but doesn’t wash me out. 
My only complaint is the frost. I feel at a certain age (cough cough) you can have shiny or you can have a hint of frost. But you can’t have lots of both in the same product, it’s just overkill. Less is more, as I have said before. So this would have been perfect if it had been the normal LipFusion formula with a raspberry jelly tone. I will wear it, as the colour is so lovely and my daughter told me I looked pretty, but I will use a light hand, and possibly dab to eliminate too much of the frosty look.
Because too much frost is not a good thing
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