Random Beautiful Thoughts

Music– The car is where I do my best listening…on heavy rotation lately is Kanye West’s new album with heavy repeat for Lost In The World with Bon Iver and All of The Lights for car dancing and singing with my girls, but Cee Lo Green has won me over and made me want to go out dancing with Bright Lights Bigger City
Book- Late to the party with the poignant and so far sad On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan. It’s been sitting unread on my shelf for ages and I’m glad to have finally cracked the spine. Every time I think I can put together words that are meaningful, all I have to do is read Ian McEwan and I am reminded of how the English language is something to be mastered…
Food- Every year after Christmas baking with 3 lbs of unsalted butter I say never again….almost there…
Fashion- my black leather Hugo Boss riding boots with the fantastic rubber sole have been serving me well so far. Deep snow, slushy snow, these things are indestructible. Paired with my black puffy jacket from Joe Fresh Style, I am a warm & dry living example of High-Low fashion.
Perfume- quite unseasonal but Chanel’s iris masterpiece 28 la Pausa has been getting a lot of love lately. It is so luxurious and smooth, it’s almost as if I can feel it’s purple velvety iris as well as bask in the gentle tranquil scent. Synesthetes take note.  There is a quiet melancholy beauty to this scent, and perhaps it grounds me during this semi hysterical season.
Beautiful Thought- Christmas is the soft smell of pine wafting through my house, the silence of snow falling, watching my girls laugh and come together at home to bake and decorate. Knowing that these times are precious and wishing I could stop time. Feeling like when I’m looking outside at the snow and we are all together, it kind of feels like I have.
Brigit and Emilie Christmas 2009
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