Lovely Lush Lips For Days: Lucie + Pompette Lip Batter

I am a lover of lip gloss, especially soft and natural shades that make lips look plump and cushiony. Lucie + Pompette is a gorgeous niche beauty brand that I stumbled upon meandering around Instagram. I found out there is lots of love for Lucie + Pompette and for good reason!

Lucie+Pompette Lip Batter DalyBeauty review
Kitty loves Lucie+Pompette Lip Batter! From top: La La, Bon Bon & Go Go

From their site:

Lip Batter is the longest wearing plumping lip gloss. Our revolutionary formula plumps, fills and hydrates lips instantly. A unique smoothing cushion envelops the lips for a more voluptuous appearance. Lip Batter acts like a treatment and plumps without irritation.

This is a big point of difference from most lip plumping glosses on the market today. I did not experience any irritation or tingling at all. On the contrary, my lips are softer and conditioned when I use my Lip Batter! My favourites are of course the nude shades, with Go Go and La La getting the most mileage in my purse. And they do last ages, with a lovely plum cushiony appearance that is totally kissable. And for $16.50 USD, these luxe lippies are totally affordable. Verdict? Love.

Lucie+Pompette Lip Batter in La La
Lucie+Pompette Lip Batter in La La
Lucie+Pompette Lip Batter in Go Go
Lucie+Pompette Lip Batter in Go Go


Lucie+Pompette Lip Batter is sold on their website.




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