Guerlain Mahora Perfume Review: A Tuberose Sandalwood Ylang Ylang Masterpiece

Guerlain Mahora is a reviled Guerlain offering from 1999, partially I think because it should have been release in 1985. Or maybe even 1965. It’s lush, animalic, unapologetically rich and, to me, absolutely gorgeous. Mahora is Jacques Guerlain’s last creation for the house, released after Guerlain’s other weird and divisive Samsara. I happen to love Samsara, but as I’ve said, I prefer the vintage, and only in tiny doses.

Guerlain Mahora vintage ad dalybeauty This ad is perfect – Mahora is all H E A T

Mahora is named after the island near Madagascar where Guerlain owns an ylang ylang plantation, with the intended effect being to mirror that feeling when you step off a plane in a lush tropical paradise and the ripe fragrant flora of the island hits you smack in the nose. Seriously? Give me more, I say! The predominant notes of Mahora, to my nose, are tuberose, frangipani, ylang ylang and sandalwood. There’s a green stemmy accord, along with vetiver, and seriously it transports me to a rainforest. It’s the tuberose I love in Mahora and I’ve been craving this flower in perfume more and more.

The green notes add another level of weirdness but in the best way. It’s ripe and every note is dialed right up to maximum levels. There is no coconut but this particular combination of tropical flowers always smells sweet and milky, with a coconut-tanning oil vibe, along with a banana-like note. If I haven’t lost you yet, canada pharmacy online. It has been released again under a new name by Guerlain, Mayotte, in a bee bottle for around $280 USD, but reasonably priced Mahora is still floating around at discounters. I’ve tried the new version and it’s not EXACTLY the same. Close, but not as bombastic. Still, I want it.

Guerlain Mahora review dalybeauty Weirdly wonderful bottle, designed by Robert Granai

I love to wear Mahora in cool weather even though it feels like Mahora was made for hot sexy summer nights. But on a cool November grey day, wearing Mahora is like wearing liquid sunshine.

Do you have any perfumes that are traditionally “summer” scents but that you love to wear in cool weather?


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