Magical, Forbidden Perfumes of Enchantment, & Sin. Literally.

A Midsummer's Night Dream  1935
A Midsummer’s Night Dream, 1935

I love a special perfume experience. Perfume can transport and carry us somewhere else – perhaps the notes evoke a scent memory, or trigger an emotion. I also love perfumes that are gentle and easy to wear. Interesting – yes. A challenge to everyone around me? No. My favourite perfumes are the ones that make you want to lean in and just inhale….

Here are a couple favourites for spring, they make me think of gardens full of flowers, and romantic walks through magical lush and green woods. The neat things about these perfumes is that they are “niche”, meaning they aren’t available everywhere, and therefore likely not worn by every other person out there. Niche perfumes are a great way to find a signature scent and truly make it your own. But be warned – it’s a rabbit hole. Once you venture down the path of niche, you may never turn back.

enchanted forest by the vagabond prince

Enchanted Forest by The Vagabond Prince: Now this is an amazing scent. It truly is a magical Russian forest…at night. It’s a warm evening, and you can smell the warm pine and woodsy notes that surround you. It is full of notes and descriptors but I prefer to interpret the scent on my own without all those words. There is a rich fruity blackcurrant note that is fresh and peppery, with something a little like sangria or mulled wine. The impression of a magical forest on a warm night is unmistakable and quite incredible really. The dry down is rich woodsy and resinous, with fir balsam, cedar, and patchouli but all sweetened with a touch of vanilla. Wow. Yet – this perfume is soft and gentle and would work perfectly well on a man or woman – the scent of an Enchanted Forest transcends sex while being sexy and beautiful. All I can think of is A Midsummer’s Night Dream.  Not surprising that this scent was created in conjunction with Bertrand Duchaufour, who has created some of my most beloved perfumes.

Enchanted Forest by The Vagabond Prince is available on their website and at Luckyscent and is $180 for the 100ml bottle.


The white case with gold snake is the box the perfume comes in. Really. It looks like a gorgeous minaudière…


By Kilian In The Garden of Good & Evil: Ok, I do love By Kilian. Sweet Redemption, The  End and Love & Tears, Surrender, are beautiful floral favourites in my collection, and Bamboo Harmony from the Water Calligraphy collection is one of the loveliest white tea perfumes ever. Kilian Hennessy does not disappoint with his latest collection, In The Garden Of Good & Evil. I think the three perfumes in this collection are all perfect for the warmer weather we hope will soon be upon us, and there is something for everyone here. Good Girl Gone Bad is not as bad as all that…it’s just gorgeous and feminine with it’s flowers – rose, jasmine & narcissus – and it’s soft ambery woodsy base. Forbidden Games is fruits, flowers and a gourmand base. Apples, peaches and plums, with rose, jasmine and vanilla and honey? This yummy and feminine scent has it’s perfumer’s sexy signature – Calice Becker also created Love & Tears and Sweet Redemption. Sexy sexy sexy. I think In The City Of Sin is my favourite, although that is likely subject to change. The top notes are bergamot and spices, but it’s the apricot and plum in the heart of this perfume that make me want to sniff and sniff. The woodsy base keeps it from smelling like spicy jam, and it reminds me a bit of Champagne/Yvresse with a sparkling accord.

Retailers that carry By Kilian (which include Saks & Luckyscent in the US, and Holt Renfrew in Canada) have samples for you to take home and try. A 50ml bottle is around $235 US, and the travel sets are $145.

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