Maybelline The Falsies For Beautiful Lashes

I’ve tried many mascaras. I know I am not alone in this. My mascara criteria is that it must last, it must lengthen, and it must add some volume, but not be thick, clumpy and overly “mascara looking”. I have found waterproof formulas have addressed the longevity issues for me perfectly. My skin tends to be oily and a non waterproof mascara is half gone by lunch. It doesn’t even leave raccoon eyes on me, it just melts away and disappears. I do mascara maintenance, meaning every 10 days to 2 weeks I take a tissue and completely wipe off the brush. Waterproof mascara tends to have a slightly drier formula than regular mascara and over time, clumps and dries to a slightly chunky consistency on the brush at the end of the wand. I can guarantee smooth even application by just wiping off that brush. It may seem wasteful but I’ve got some bad news for you. Mascara, by nature, is a product that is full of waste and it is already drying out in the tube before you ever will get a chance to use it all. After 3 months I still have mascara left, but its getting really dry and its time for a new tube.

Expensive department store mascaras vs drugstore mascaras- interesting debate. Even before I used waterproof exclusively I would vacillate between high and low end and to this day, I have yet to really be impressed enough by a department store brand that justifies the fact that is often three times as expensive as a drugstore brand. My go-to brand has lately been L’Oreal Voluminous Waterproof for lengthening  and a bit of thickening. I don’t like thick clumpy lashes that look obviously mascara’d but I do like a nice fringe. Having seen some buzz online I decided to take Maybelline The Falsies for a test run. Verdict? Great! I am not a fan of the brush, the curved design with variable brush length makes no sense to me- a lash brush is a lash brush and I really don’t think design wise there are innovations to be made. Yes the silicone brushes are neat (Buxom Lash is a great example of this- if ONLY it came in waterproof…) but don’t get me started on the battery operated “oscillating” brushes. I know that a buzzing mascara brush will not improve application because I was not. Born. Last. Night.

no mascara

one coat of mascara (focus fail- sorry!)

The Falsies lengthen very well, hold a curl and have a lovely black colour. No clumping and easy to layer, I have have added The Falsies to my mascara stash permanently.  Length of comfortable wear is not quite as long as Voluminous- by the end of a long day I am ready to stick my fingers in my eyes as I am pretty sure little pieces  of mascara are breaking off but that could be the -14 degrees weather we’ve been having. I’ve often wondered if frozen mascara gets more brittle. I use Lancome Bi Facils or Marcelle Waterproof Eye Make Up Remover Pads to take it off. The Falsies gives me a more glam look than Voluminous so it will be my go-to party look mascara for the holidays. Two thumbs up for The Falsies. Will buy again for sure.
Maybelline The Falsies mascara is available at drugstores
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