Olay Firming Masks for Beautiful Baby Skin

On the advice of my beauty gurus Michelle at BeautyEditor.com and Janine at imabeautygeek.com, I decided to try the Olay Pro-X Firming Masks. They had been singing the praises of “cotton moisturizing masks” and I was intrigued. Beauty writers can be a jaded bunch. Their job is, as Gaia over at The Non Blonde says, “to try products so you don’t have to”. I’ve had products do nothing, right up to products that make me break out. I prefer the products that make few claims but that have loyal followings. So. The masks.
They are a soft flannel type cotton, and according to Olay, have been soaked in the equivalent of an entire bottle of firming/moisturizing serum. They are folded in the package and are quite wet and a bit drippy so I recommend applying them in the bathroom. They feel cool and a bit clammy and take a tiny bit of patience and practice to apply. There are cut outs for your eyes and nose and a long piece to go under your chin. After the first one, you will have a better idea of how to apply it. Again, the sensation is cool and wet, and I don’t actually love the “wearing” part of the mask. My little thought was to perhaps put the package in a bowl of hot water before application but I’m not sure if that would be good for the product. I’ve contacted Olay about that so stay tuned. That said, a little bit of cool and damp is well worth the real results I see.
The mask stays on for 10 minutes. I have worn one while soaking in a scented bath, or while watching my TV boyfriend Jon Stewart on The Daily Show before going to bed, but for the most part anytime would work. It is best to sit still while wearing it though, as it can move around and slip, and before bed is nice for that reason. When the mask comes off there is excess product on your skin- I just rub it all in on my face and neck as to not waste a drop. The effects are dramatic, to say the least, and I would not have believed it if I hadn’t seen it myself. If you feel your skin could use a pick me up, these masks are just what you need. The words “dewy” “plumped” and “smooth as a baby’s bottom” come to mind as I examine my skin in the mirror after the mask. The effect is remarkable and there is actually a palpable glow. Fine lines disappear and I literally put on my glasses and leaned in to the mirror to get a good look. Wow. Just, wow.


These are perfect for travel, winter dryness and anytime you need a boost and want to look dewy. I have been using one mask a week as I am concerned about shocking my acne prone sensitive skin, but before a party or special event would be perfect as well. You will look like you slept for hours and woke up with a “special glow”. For $25 for a box of 5 masks, sign me up.Olay is available at most drugstores. I got mine at Shoppers Drug Mart.

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