Menopause And Your Skin: Vichy Neovadiol Compensating Complex

Ah menopause. Not only do you mess with our moods, our inner thermostat and energy, but you sap moisture, collagen and fat from our skin. This is a gradual process, and, became obvious to me over time as I noticed my traditional skincare wasn’t working it’s usual magic. This makes sense if you think about it, as throughout our lives we are presented with skin challenges as part of growing up and growing older. Why would I try to treat my fifty year old skin with something I used on my thirty five year old skin? It doesn’t make sense.

During menopause the lovely plumpness we associate with the collagen rich skin of babies starts to disappear. It’s been fading since the day we were born, but really starts to show up as a lack of radiance and fullness when our hormones go sideways. While no magic potion exists that will erase all signs of ageing, we can certainly be proactive when it comes to things like skincare.

Caring for ourselves through beauty and skincare is a pampering process that I feel is very important. I love the time in the morning as I ready myself for the day, with the radio playing while I wake myself up with a quick face wash. Or the soothing ritual of the bedtime double cleanse with coconut oil, with a warm soft cloth melting away the remains of the day. Bliss.

I find the act of applying skincare (and makeup too, frankly) soothing and comforting or invigorating, depending on the time of day and the products used. And yes, I see a difference in my skin when I take certain steps to care for it, without question. And some products are exceptional – your mileage may vary – and I can’t imagine being with them.

On to menopause and some wonderful skincare solutions.

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Vichy Laboratoires have formulated the 1st compensating complex [Hyaluronic Acid, Hepes, Pro-Xylane 3%] able to reproduce the global benefits of the youth hormone (DHEA) on the skin. The Neovadiol Compensation Complex line is the 1st skincare line that targets all signs of aging caused by menopause: loss of skin density, structure and skin dryness.

THE COMPENSATING COMPLEX: reproduces the benefits of the DHEA hormone on the skin
• Pro-Xylane: densifying
• Glycerin: hydrating
• H.E.P.E.S: exfoliating, smoothing
• Hyaluronic acid: hydrating, plumping
• Hedione: lipid replenishment

This holy trinity of Vichy Neovadiol skincare is a must if you’re finding your menopausal skin has you at your wit’s end.


Neovadiol Compensating Complex Serum 

Out of the shower & starting my day with one of my favourite serums, Vichy Neovadiol Compensating Complex Serum


Vichy makes exceptional serums. Their original LiftActiv Serum 10 is one of my all time favourite all purpose skin bettering skincare items. The texture and consistency are perfect for most skin types, whether one uses them in conjunction with other products, or alone, as I often do with Vichy Compensating Complex Serum ($59 CAD). It smoothes and brightens skin, while hydrating and nourishing for a dewy complexion. Tiny golden micro-pearls add instant radiance while delivering hyaluronic acid to the skin, along with the Compensating Complex formula. I love this serum and so does my skin. Everyone I know who I have recommended this serum to loves it as much as I do. Sometimes I wear it with just a light dusting of a sheer powder for a clean natural look. Love!


Neovadiol Compensating Complex 

On days when my skin feels drier & in need of extra moisture & rich nourishment, Vichy Neovadiol Compensating Complex Cream is the shizz.


Neovadiol Compensating Complex ($52.50 CAD)  cream is heavier than the serum, and on drier skins, you can use both for extra nourishment and radiance. One would use the serum first, allow it to sink in then apply the cream. My skin is not (yet) that dry and the serum is enough for me on most days. Honestly I just adore it. But if I am particularly dehydrated and tired, or the environment is dry, this Vichy cream is perfection. It almost works like a K Beauty water mask (as does the Neovadiol Night) in that it feels like it plumps the skin almost upon contact. Both this and the serum perform very well under makeup, but it’s best to allow them time to sink in.


Neovadiol Night Compensating Complex

Snuggling into bed and giving myself a cooling facial at the same time. Calm, cool and ready for a good night’s sleep.

The Neovadiol Night Cream ($52.50 CAD) has some interesting technology that make it perfect for the discomfort and side effects hot flashes provoke:

AQUAKEEPTM & ARISTOFLEXTM: For an extreme freshness sensation, as soon as applied

AIRLICIUM: Absorbs humidity related to hot flashes and mattifying effect

PERLITE: Absorbs humidity

The Neovadiol Night cream also has the proprietary Compensating Complex blend, in addition to a cooling gelified texture that hydrate and nourishes to compensate the effects of menopause on the skin during the night. It replenishes skin with moisture while you sleep, working almost like a moisturizing “sleep mask”. Of course the added benefit of cooling the skin is simply amazing, especially for anyone who may have entered the hot flash stage of menopause. As soon as Neovadiol Night is applied, skin temperature drops up to 2.7 degrees! I find applying this at night is like a spa treatment and a soft cool breeze. Honestly, that cooling sensation on the skin is a gift!




This is a sponsored post, in collaboration with one of my favourite skincare brands, Vichy

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Reader Comments

  1. lisa_carbone

    This is a very timely post Jane…I’m of that age when life begins to “change” and I love that Vichy is addressing those changes to one’s skin with these gorgeous products! I’m going to recommend this line to my sister too!

    Cheers, Lisa

  2. Susan T.

    I would gift this to my mom. She has dry skin and never takes any time or money to take care of herself. She would appreciate it! 🙂

  3. Mary

    As I get older I’m constantly looking for skincare that will meet my needs. I’d love to try this Vichy line to see how it performs.

  4. Kim Haliburton

    Love the day cream and started using it on an older post you had on this Jane and just started the night cream recently. My skin is dry and sensitive and reacts well to these 2 creams, and I love the smell of it. I’ll try the serum next!

  5. Judy Cowan

    I have dry skin so would love to try this out and see how it will help me out. Plus I am now in my 40’s so I should start giving my skin a little bit more tlc!

  6. Maria Katie

    I would like to bring life back to my skin. Wrinkles on my forehead, dark circles and dark spots ! This would be great

  7. angela mitchell

    I just turned 40 this year and I’ve really started to notice some big changes in my skin and I’d love to try some new skin products like this geared towards mature skin.

  8. favgreen

    I`m turning 50 in a few short months…ugh…These products sound awesome and would be lovely to try. Thankyou…

  9. Stephanie

    I’d love to try because I love finding new products and I think this would work great on my skin! My skin is very dry.

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