Mom To Mom Beauty on Elizabeth Street

Elizabeth Street is the website for stylish moms. It’s as fun to read as your favourite magazine, filled with like minded women and great ideas. From their site:

* an international collective of chic moms who know that life is best lived with style

* your global destination for discoveries in fashion, food, street chic, travel, design, and family life

* a favorite new clutch, a strong macchiato, your child’s next birthday cake, your next island retreat, a hidden Paris bistro, the ultimate summer camp, a digital photography class

* where style is measured by taste, not a price tag

* a place where children benefit through ElizabethST charitable donations

* a state of mind

* you

Doesn’t that sound like something you’d like to read? I love it and always find something fun and new. So I was honoured to be invited to share some tips for feeling beautiful and how I bring beauty to my family and children. Check it out! And be sure to bookmark Elizabeth Street, next to your Daly Beauty bookmark, of course. And they are on Twitter and Instagram– follow them and be sure to join the conversation!

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