Yves St Laurent Premiere Neiges vs Lippmann Dream A Little Dream of Me

The YSL Holiday 2012 Make Up Collection includes a gorgeous top coat called Premiere Neiges. It’s a glitter top coat that adds a sprinkling of fairy dust-like “snow” to any colour. It transforms all colours into magical and pretty shimmery delights and is unique in that the glitter is not suspended per say – you have to shake it up from the bottom of the bottle to make the magic happen. I was gushing about wanting this $25 beauty the other day when my friend Elena told me I was crazy, and why wouldn’t I just get Deborah Lippmann Dream A Little Dream of Me? It’s been around for quite awhile and is alway selling out due to it’s magical powers to turn any nail colour into a unicorn of sparkly beauty. Well, I went to Holt Renfrew today to play with these colours. And wouldn’t you know, Elena was right. They are so similar it was impossible for me to justify an extra $10 just for the YSL. My concern would be that over time as the YSL top coat gets thicker, it will get harder to shake up the magic glitter.

Please excuse the photos I took at the store with my phone, but I think you can see how similar they are. If anything, the blue sparkly particles in the YSL might be a wee bit bigger. But other than that, it’s tough to see the difference. I wore each one on it’s own, then layered each one over 2 coats of Estee Lauder Viper (which I wanted but ended up leaving with Chanel Vendetta….ANYWAYS).

Tried to catch the “glimmer” of each bottle in store


YSL Premiere Neiges on ring finger, Lippmann Dream A Little Dream on middle & pinky finger


Index finger on left is YSL, pinky on right is Lippmann. Capturing these was hard!

So – what do you think? Is Lippmann Dream A Little Dream of Me dupe-worthy? Any other dupes?


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