My Bath Is An Explosion of Roses

That is not me in the bath.
I love to languish in a hot steamy bath. I am lucky enough to have a really deep tub, and my bathrooms have huge skylights, so I can lie back and look at the sky while I soak. A scented bath really ups the ante for me, and given my rose obsession of late, LUSH bath bombs really fit the bill. One of the best things about a LUSH bath bomb, is that if you leave the bathroom door open, the scent travels out and perfumes the house. I love that, of course. 
LUSH Rose Queen

The rosiest of rose baths can be had just by tossing a Rose Queen bath bomb into your bath. We all know that LUSH bath bombs are full of water and skin softening goodness, so even plain old hot water feels better. But Rose Queen ups the ante with rose blossoms, petals and rose fragrance to die for. It’s like somebody said “This bomb needs MOAR ROSE EVERYTHING!” and LUSH listened. What more can I say? Get this, and luxuriate in it’s rosy goodness.
LUSH Tisty Tosty
Another rose bath bomb I adore is the sweetly named Tisty Tosty, which is full of sweet & sexy rose along with orris root. Orris root is often called “iris” in scent, and has a calming & sensual earthy aspect that I adore. Along with wee little rose buds that float around the tub, this one brings a softness to the water that is excellent for dry or rough skin. The scent is a calm and happy one, which makes sense as LUSH calls this one “an enchanting love potion”. Tisty Tosty is English childish slang, historically used to refer to a ball of flowers and even pine cones. Sweet and charming.
Both of these leave a soft gentle scent on the skin after bathing and are soothing for dry irritated skin. Love it.
Bath Bombs are available at LUSH stores and online for between $5-$8.

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